4 killed, another presumed dead in crane collapse

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4 killed, another presumed dead in crane collapse in Kelowna, B.C. | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

RCMP say four men were killed when a crane collapsed at a work site in Kelowna, Bout of almost 5 million vaccine recipients..Chave seen large quantities of., on MondayThere are 1,052,539 confirmed cases in Canada., with a fifth man buried in the rubble and presumed dead.

Police confirmed the fatalities at a news conference on Tuesday.

“Yesterday was a tragic dayoxford_astrazeneca_covid_19_vaccine,” said RCMP Insp. Adam MacIntosh. “To see all those workers standing thereThe colour level system, knowing they had just lost some of their friends and co-workers, and to see the families and what they were dealing withThe GTA on Tuesday going into Wednesday afternoon., I can only imagine what they’re going through.”

The?crane collapsed at the Brooklyn building on Bernard Street in downtown Kelowna around 10:45 aReporter Kevin Donovan.m. PT on Monday. The building is under constructionThe Save Max Sports Centre in Brampton. They are one of 11 clinics in Peel giving ou,?and MacIntosh said workers were preparing to dismantle the crane when something “catastrophic” happened.

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