Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot MgDy Master Alloy

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Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot MgDy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot MgDy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Categories Magnesium-Rare earth Alloy Ingot Brand Name: Yuechen Metal Model Number: Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot Mg-Dy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Certification: SGS, BV, UL Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China MOQ: 1kg Price: 5-50USD/KG EX-WORKS Payment Terms: L/C, T/T Supply Ability: 1000kg per day Delivery Time: 7days Packaging Details: Plywood case SALVAGE: Scrap retains a consistently high level of value UNIT VOLUME: Greater amount of finished magnesium material obtained, pound for pound NONMAGNETIC: Good for electrical and computer applications REPID HEAT: Ideal for a broad range of operating temperatures, from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to -30 degrees Fahrenheit NON-GALLING: Sound and rugged surface, offering a low coefficient of friction and minimum wear STRENGTH: Excellent strength and stiffness per unit weight CORROSION RESISTANT: A wide variety of chemical treatments exists for corrosion protection, alteration of surface appearance, and to provide a base for painting. Basic engineering precautions averts galvanic corrosion ALKALI-RESISTANT: Makes for easy cleaning WELDING: Strong weldments up to 95% of parent metal, with minimal porosity STABILITY: No stress relief after machining; no warps and is dent resistant WEIGHT: Easier handling saves energy and time DAMPING: Absorbs vibration for longer life, while retaining dimensional stability Application: As the master alloy, magnesium-rare earth alloy can be used as the addictive to alloys, for the refining, hardening and machinability. TOOLING: 4 to 5 times greater tool life FINISH: Up to 5 times more machinable than rolled aluminum COSTS: Machine dry, without oil or chemicals Contact Now Add to Cart Product Details Company Profile .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;} .content_format td{padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc; } .content_format {line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ; } .content_format p{margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px; } Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot MgDy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot Mg-Dy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy,Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd produces the Magnesium-Rare Earth Alloys, includingMagnesium-Scandium, Magnesium-Yttrium, Magnesium-Lanthanum,Magnesium-Cerium, Magnesium-Praseodymium, Magnesium-Neodymium,Magnesium-Samarium, Magnesium-Europium, Magnesium-Gadolinium,Magnesium-Terbium, Magnesium-Dysprosium, Magnesium-Holmium,Magnesium-Erbium, Magnesium-Thulium, Magnesium-Ytterbium, andMagnesium-Lutetium. We also provide other Magnesium Master Alloys,such as Magnesium-Calcium, Magnesium-Manganese, andMagnesium-Zirconium. Please refer to the tables below for detailsof each product. Any RFQ please e-mail to, or WhatsApp by +86 189 66935266. The beneficial effects of rare earth on the non-ferrous materialsin the magnesium alloy are the most obvious. Appropriate content ofrare earth can refine the grain size of magnesium and magnesiumalloys. The first is to refine casting grain. Rare earth elementsrefine the mechanism is not the role of heterogeneous nucleation ofmagnesium alloy casting organizations. The mechanism of rare earthelements on the grain refinement of magnesium and magnesium alloycrystallization forefront of undercooling increases. Alloying magnesium with rare-earth elements (RE) is used to developlight construction alloys for the applications at elevated and hightemperatures. Generally, RE elements in Mg have relatively highsolubility decreasing significantly with decreasing temperature.Therefore age hardening is possible in these alloys to improvemechanical properties. Magnesium-Neodymium, Magnesium-Zirconium, Magnesium-Lanthanum Alloy, Mg-Ce Alloy, Magnesium-Scandium, Magnesium-Gadolinium, Magnesium-yttrium arehigh purity RE alloys manufactured by XYMCO. As master alloys, they can be usedfor grain refining, hardening, and improving alloy performance byenhancing properties such as ductility and machinability. AvailableMagnesium-Rare Earth alloy forms include sheets and plates, discs,rods, tubes, and other shapes. XYMCO can produce Magnesium-RareEarth alloys in various standard ratios of Mg/RE; CustomizedMagnesium-Rare Earth alloys compositions are also available.Advanced chemical analysis is available for all Mg-RE alloys bybest demonstrated techniques including X-ray fluorescence (XRF),glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDMS), and inert gas fusion. Application: As the master alloy, magnesium-rare earth alloy can beused as the addictive to alloys, for the refining, hardening andmachinability. Magnesium rare earth master alloys can be used forrare earth-containing cast magnesium alloys and wrought magnesiumalloys. Improve the alloy's high temperature resistance, corrosionresistance and creep resistance; at the same time refine the alloystructure, improve the strength, casting properties and processingperformance significantly improved. Rare Earth Content:5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% or others on requestForms:Ingot, Irregular Chucks, lumpMagnesium-Rare Earth Master Alloy (Mg-RE alloy) Item CodeProductFormulaTypical TypeMg-RE10Magnesium-ScandiumMg-ScMg-2%Sc,Mg-5%Sc, Mg-10%ScMg-RE20Magnesium-YttriumMg-YMg-5%Y, Mg-10%Y, Mg-15%Y, Mg-20%Y, Mg-25%Y, Mg-30%Y,Mg-35%YMg-RE21Magnesium-LanthanumMg-LaMg-5%La, Mg-10%La, Mg-15%La, Mg-20%La, Mg-25%La, Mg-30%LaMg-RE30Magnesium-CeriumMg-CeMg-5%Ce, Mg-10%Ce, Mg-15%Ce, Mg-20%Ce, Mg-25%Ce, Mg-30%CeMg-RE35Magnesium-PraseodymiumMg-PrMg-5%Pr, Mg-10%Pr, Mg-15%Pr, Mg-20%Pr, Mg-25%Pr, Mg-30%PrMg-RE41Magnesium-NeodymiumMg-NdMg-15%Nd,Mg-25%Nd, Mg-30%Nd,Mg-35%NdMg-RE50Magnesium-SamariumMg-SmMg-5%Sm, Mg-10%Sm, Mg-15%Sm, Mg-20%Sm, Mg-25%Sm, Mg-30%SmMg-RE60 Magnesium-EuropiumMg-EuMg-5%Eu, Mg-10%Eu, Mg-15%Eu, Mg-20%Eu, Mg-25%Eu, Mg-30%EuMg-RE61 Magnesium-GadoliniumMg-GdMg-5%Gd, Mg-10%Gd, Mg-15%Gd, Mg-20%Gd, Mg-25%Gd, Mg-30%GdMg-RE62 Magnesium-TerbiumMg-TbMg-5%Tb, Mg-10%Tb, Mg-15%Tb, Mg-20%Tb, Mg-25%Tb, Mg-30%TbMg-RE63 Magnesium-DysprosiumMg-DyMg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%DyMg-RE80 Magnesium-DysprosiumMg-DyMg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%DyMg-RE81 Magnesium-HolmiumMg-HoMg-5%Ho, Mg-10%Ho, Mg-15%Ho, Mg-20%Ho, Mg-25%Ho, Mg-30%HoMg-RE91 Magnesium-ErbiumMg-ErMg-5%Er, Mg-10%Er, Mg-15%Er, Mg-20%Er, Mg-25%Er, Mg-30%ErMg-RE92 Magnesium-ThuliumMg-TmMg-5%Tm, Mg-10%Tm, Mg-15%Tm, Mg-20%Tm, Mg-25%Tm, Mg-30%TmMg-RE93 Magnesium-YtterbiumMg-YbMg-5%Yb, Mg-10%Yb, Mg-15%Yb, Mg-20%Yb, Mg-25%Yb, Mg-30%YbMg-RE94 Magnesium-LutetiumMg-LuMg-5%Lu, Mg-10%Lu, Mg-15%Lu, Mg-20%Lu, Mg-25%Lu, Mg-30%LuMagnesium Master Alloy Application: As the master alloy, magnesium alloy can be used inthe Automobile, Electronics, Aerospace and Military industry. Item CodeProductFormulaTypical TypeMg-CaMagnesium-CalciumMg-CaMg-10%Ca, Mg-20%CaMg-MnMagnesium-ManganeseMg-MnMg-5%Mn, Mg-10%MnMg-ZrMagnesium-ZirconiumMg-ZrMg-25%Zr, Mg-30%Zr, Mg-35%ZrMg-TiMagnesium-TitaniumMg-TiMg-10%Ti, Mg-20%TiMg-CoMagnesium-CobaltMg-CoMg-5% Co, Mg-15%CoMg-SiMagnesium-SiliconMg-SiMg-10%Si, Mg-25%SiMg-VMagnesium-VanadiumMg-VMg-10%V, Mg-20%VMg-FeMagnesium-IronMg-FeMg-25%Fe, Mg-35%FeMg-ZnMagnesium-ZincMg-ZnMg-15%Zn, Mg-25%Zn, Mg-35%ZnMg-NiMagnesium-NickelMg-NiMg-10%Ni, Mg-15%Ni, Mg-25%NiMg-Al-ScMag-Al-ScandiumMg-Al-ScMg-15%Al-20ScMg-CuMagnesium-CopperMg-CuMg-15%Cu, Mg-25%CuMg-Y-NiMag-Yttrium-nickelMg-Y-NiMg-8%Y-15%NiMg-Al-ZnMg-Al-ZnMg-Al-ZnMg-10%Al-3%ZnMg-LiMagnesium-LithiumMg-LiMg-10%Li, Mg-25%LiOur Services:1. Small order quantity available2. Professional engineering team and sales team3. Payment: T/T & Western Union4. OEM/ODM Supporttable5. Free samples provided6. Competitive price, fast delivery and high quality FAQ:1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?A: We are a manufacturer located in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, andhave our workshop and equipment!2. Q: Are your products customized?A: Yes,the products in the website are only the common type or theprevious types, we can supply the new products according to yourrequirements or drawings.3. I do not know how to use your product ?Do not worry, we can supply technical guidance together withproducts.4. Q: How can I get some samples?A: Several samples are freely offered for buidling the businesslong-term relationships and letting our customers believing thequality of our products. .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;} Magnesium-Dysprosium Alloy Ingot MgDy Master Alloy Mg-5%Dy, Mg-10%Dy, Mg-15%Dy, Mg-20%Dy, Mg-25%Dy, Mg-30%Dy Ingot Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd Xi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., Ltd (XYMCO) is one ofthe leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy products located inXi’an Economic Development Zone, Shaanxi, China, who is specializedin the development, manufacture and supply of magnesium alloyproducts worldwide included magnesium tooling plate, magnesiumalloy plate, magnesium alloy sheet, magnesium alloy slab, magnesiumalloy bar, magnesium alloy billet, magnesium alloy rod, magnesiumalloy tube, magnesium alloy pipe, magnesium alloy profile,magnesium welding wire, magnesium alloy extrusion, magnesium alloystamping, magnesium alloy casting, magnesium alloy forging and semi- fabricated component according to customer’s design. We comply with the specifications: AMS4377G, AMS4382, AMS 4350M, ASTM B90/B90M-15, MIL-DTL 32333,MIL-T-38749, QQ-M-44B, ASTM B107/B107M-13 and ASTM B91-97,GB5153-03, GB5154-04, Material grades: AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, AZ91D, AZ41M, ZK60, AM50,AM60, ZM21, MIA, ME20M, EQ21, WE43, WE54, ZE41, etc. Our main products and capabilities are as follows: 1. Magnesium tooling plate: Max. Thickness: 300mm; Max. Width:2000mm; Max. Length: 6000mm 2. Magnesium alloy cast slab: Max. Size: 350 x 1100 x 3000mm 3. Magnesium alloy sheet: Min. Thickness: 0.5mm; Max. Width: 600mm;Max. Length: 2000mm 4. Magnesium cast billet: Min. Diameter 90mm; Max. Diameter: 800mm;Max. Length: 6000mm 5. Magnesium alloy extruded wire: Dia.1.0mm – 8.0mm in spool. 6. Magnesium alloy extruded rod: Min. Dia. 8mm; Max. Diameter:450mm; Max. Length: 3000mm 7. Bespoke Magnesium extrusions 8. Magnesium-Lithium Alloy rod, sheet, plate and tube 9. Magnesium – Rare earth Alloy Ingot 10. Magnesium Anode Since XYMCO first produced magnesium alloys in 2010, XYMCO hasacquired much technical expertise in magnesium alloy products basedon our relentless passion and hard work, our magnesium alloyspecialist successfully developed many kinds of magnesium alloysand its products, our team always complies with the high - levelspecifications like the ASTM, AMS, MIL and GB to operate allprocessing, and our team has built an enviable reputation basedupon quality, service and innovation. Our products are usedextensively for applications in aerospace, aviation, textilemachinery, 3C, mould/tooling, vibration testing system, electronics, automotive,photoengraving and power generation industries. Whether in Asia,Middle East, Europe, North America, South America or South Africa,our magnesium alloy products have been exported there. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments like the MeltingEquipments, Casting Equipments, Cutting Machines, Surface TreatmentMachines, Heat Treatment Equipments, Extrusion Equipments, HotRolling Machines, etc, and accurate testing instruments like theSpectrometer, UT testing Equipment, X-Ray Testing Equipment,Mechanical Properties Testing Equipment, Chemical Analysis Lab,etc, and advanced processing technologies and our specialist teammakes sure that our company is the first one to identify newcustomer requirements and to develop and bring solutions to themarketplace faster than our competitors, and it also makes surethat our quality is gorgeous, delivery is timely and price isattractive. Our aim is to continue to build lasting relationships with ourclients by working with them, and to develop new magnesium alloyproducts (We are researching and developing the new alloys such asthe Mg-Li Alloy and Mg-Rare Each Alloys) to bring weight savingsand performance improvements to our customer’s requirements. For more information concerning technology, research, development,processing and RFQ for magnesium alloy products, contact our SalesTeam at +86 29 8263 6374 or E-mail Frank ZhangInternational Sales ManagerXi'an XYMCO Magnesium Alloy Materials Co., LtdRoom 913, Wenjing Plaza, Fengcheng 11 Road, Xi’an Economic Development Zone, Xi’an 710065, Shaanxi, China Tel.: +86 29 8263 6374Mobile: +86 189 6693 5266 (WhatsApp)E-mail: magnesiumalloyplate@aliyun.comSkype: frankzhang051001 .content_format table{border:1px solid #dedede; border-collapse:collapse;}.content_format td{ padding:3px; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;}.content_format { line-height: 24px; word-wrap : break-word ;}.content_format p{ margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 2px; padding: 2px;}

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