Ancient stone tablet unearthed in China's Hebei

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Ancient stone tablet unearthed in China's Hebei

An ancient stone tablet dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-16who were not students44) was unearthed in North China's Hebei province, according to local relic protection authorities.

The tablet, which is 320 cm high, 96 cm wide and 30 cm thick, has been found in the village of Yuqingtun, Cangxian county in the province.

<1 injured at Walmart shooting in US New Orleans - Worldp>The inscriptions on the tablet recorded that the emperor issued a decree to commemorate Jin Sheng, who was an unknown figure in history, and confer a title of the royal guard on him posthumously.

The discovery adds new materials for relevant historical studies, and the calligraphy and carving skills reflected on the tablet are also highly valuable for artistic researches, according to the relics protection research center of Cangzhou city in the province.

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