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Comment on the "centralized board and decentralized box making" of China's carton industry

China's corrugated board and carton production, there has been "centralized board and decentralized box making" for many years. The relevant media have organized the industry to discuss, and many experts have expressed different views, but later there was no statement. The understanding is still inconsistent, and the actual situation is in disorder. Later, it was allowed to be rampant. Now it's time to make it clear

three periods of carton production

as for the whole country, before the 1980s, China's corrugated carton production was basically a single machine manual operation period. A few areas also have single-sided machines and individual corrugated production lines, but the main processing of cartons is single-machine manual operation. As China's economy is still backward, goods are insufficient and exports are not much, carton packaging began to start

since the early 1990s, with the accelerated development of China's economy, the increasing number of commodities and the rising export volume, the entry of China's original wooden box packaging into the international market has been limited, and carton packaging has been rapidly dug up. In order to meet the needs of expanding export commodities, the State commodity inspection department implemented a "quality license" for the export of carton packaging, and proposed that only the production of corrugated single-sided machine can ensure the quality of carton. As a result, carton production enterprises established in the period of market economy are scrambling to purchase single-sided machines. At the beginning, the single-sided machine manufactured by Hubei Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. was in short supply, and users queued up all year, but the display data still did not shake or the display data had an obvious lag feeling. In just three or five years, China's corrugated box production fully entered the period of semi mechanized production of single-sided machine

on the basis of semi mechanized production of single-sided machines, in order to meet the greater market demand for carton packaging, an upsurge of carton production lines has been set off in the national carton industry since the mid-1990s. Experts believe that corrugated single-sided machine can neither guarantee the quality of cartons nor meet the development needs of users. Only corrugated production line is the development direction. In this way, around the new century, China's corrugated board has realized the mechanized production of production line, that is, China's carton industry has entered the period of industrialization

in 2002, the output of paperboard in China ranked second in the world

centralized board decentralized box making

"centralized board decentralized box making", which is an inevitable professional division of labor after the full mechanization of carton production in China. In the period of manual operation of carton production and the period of semi mechanization of single-sided machine, it is impossible to produce "centralized board and decentralized box making". Only one household can make both board and box, and there is no professional division of labor

advanced productivity of corrugated board. Corrugated production line, cardboard production with production line is mechanization, and mechanized production is industrialization. China's carton industry industrialization is still in its infancy

the specialization of carton production can be started only when corrugated board is concentrated in the production line. Most of the cardboard produced by the production line enterprises should be left to their own processing cartons, and only a part of the cardboard should be sold to the later processing carton enterprises. This is a professional division of labor, an advanced and scientific division of labor. On the contrary, the production of cardboard and carton is small and complete, and large and all backward

the scientific division of labor of "centralized board and decentralized box" should be scientific and in line with the law of scientific development

the "centralized board and decentralized box making" in developed countries has three overall division of labor principles:

first, the centralized board of production line enterprises is 100%; The production line enterprises keep 70% of the cartons, and 30% of the cartons are exported to the later processing enterprises

Second, the back equipment of the production line enterprise for processing cartons should be matched with the grade and level of the production line. The front and back of cardboard and carton production. From the quality requirements of cartons, the processing of back processing equipment is generally emphasized, and the equipment for back processing cartons is required to be stronger than the production line

Third, the ratio of production line enterprises to post-processing enterprises is 1:1 5。 That is, the number of later processing enterprises is only slightly higher than that of production enterprises

the three principles of centralization and decentralization abroad have maintained the long-term stability and healthy development of the industry

China's "centralized board and decentralized box making" is a mess

first, due to blind development. Resulting in excessive production. excess production capacity. Now they are shouting carton crisis. What crisis? What we can see is that there are seven or eight people scrambling to eat the cake eaten by three people in the market. Inevitable: some eat, eat less, and don't have to eat. Too many production lines have become the root of the carton crisis

Second, production line enterprises invest millions or tens of millions. In order to recover their investment and make money, they must speed up the start-up. Expand paperboard production. The fierce competition in the paperboard Market stimulates the breeding of small enterprises. The more small enterprises run, the smaller they become, and the smaller they become, the worse they become. Many enterprises invest 20000 or 30000 yuan to buy some small equipment, rent several small factories, and earn tens of thousands a year. According to the survey, at present, the production line enterprises supply cardboard to the outside world, ranging from dozens to tens of thousands. The author learned about 60 production lines in a city in Zhejiang, and more than 4000 small enterprises turn around the production line

Third, the abnormal phenomenon of "centralized board and decentralized box making" has become a disaster for production line enterprises in some regions; Some have zero profits, some have large losses, and some have closed down and changed production... China's carton industry began to decline

return to the right path

the young Chinese carton industry, on the road of market economy, is inexperienced, hot headed and has gone astray. Now we should turn back and return to the right path. Sacrifices must be made and the price must be paid

first, adhere to centralized board and decentralized box making. When the carton industry enters industrialization, there will inevitably be a professional division of labor. This is the right way. It is impossible to go back and return to the original backward practice of small and complete, large and complete families. It is retrogression and retrogression has no future

Second, adhere to the development of China's carton industry. Carton packaging follows commodities. The sustainable development of China's commodity economy in the future determines the sustainable development of carton industry. At present, the surplus crisis of carton industry does not mean that it does not develop. It develops in the national or industrial standard machine where there is no general basic raw materials. To overcome the crisis in development, development is the last word

Third, we should unswervingly adhere to the scientific development of carton industry. The abnormal phenomenon in China's carton industry shows that we are not taking the road of scientific development, but liberalization and blind development. The whole development is out of control until it is out of control. Now we should return to the right path and stick to the road of scientific development

what is scientific development is seeking truth from facts. The past blind development behavior and the concept of free development without rules and principles are not seeking truth from facts. Everything is divorced from reality and violates the objective law, so it is not scientific development

now there are so many cardboard production lines, twice as many; The boot rate is so low, up to 30%, what should I do? We must tighten the production line and reduce the production line. Now the competition in the carton industry has reached a critical juncture, and the competition determines the survival of the enterprise. The reduction of production line is positive and ruthless; Is it a conscious and active tightening, or is it forced down in the struggle. In the first half of last year, several enterprises in Jiangsu had their production lines shut down and opened for half a year. Seeing the tension in the market and the downward trend of surrounding enterprises, they decided to stop production and close down; Some enterprises realized that they had no profit and immediately switched to honeycomb production to obtain new opportunities. These are wise policies

at present, there are too many, too small and too bad small enterprises in the back processing of cartons. What should I do? This is not to blame small enterprises. Streamlining small enterprises does not lie in small enterprises, but in production line enterprises. The right of life and death of small enterprises lies in the hands of production line enterprises. There are too many small enterprises, which is caused by the unrestricted and unprincipled low-cost dumping of paperboard by production line enterprises. The values of a Z, x, J and C can be found in the table. Mao Weifang, President of Ningbo Packaging Association, said at the Zhejiang carton annual meeting: now big factories are afraid of small factories, why am I afraid of my son? Because I have too many children, they have to eat and drink, which can't satisfy them. They are not very polite to me. This is social common sense. Therefore, the simplification of small factories lies in the coordinated measures of production line enterprises. In my opinion, there are only two measures: First: the cardboard produced by production line enterprises shall not exceed 30% of the cardboard exported to small factories, leaving 70% of the cardboard self-made cartons. Article 2: the equipment of post-processing enterprises is required to be matched with the grade of the production line. The reason is to ensure the quality of cardboard boxes. Those cheap and crude small machines process Cartons, which affects the image of the production line enterprise. Because cardboard box is a whole. The manufacturing of high-end cars in the United States and the processing of tens of thousands of accessories have strict standards, which can not be vague. Everything is for the sake of ensuring the quality of cars, no matter how many accessories are processed, for the sake of the whole car. Therefore, China's paperboard and carton are a whole. Centralized board manufacturing and decentralized carton manufacturing are professional division of labor and a whole. Now there are many, small and rotten small post-processing plants in China's carton industry, which is not conducive to the overall development of the carton industry, but damage the whole

we should eliminate all the chaos in the carton industry. Relying on the principle of scientific development and seeking truth from facts, we should carry forward unity and cooperation, resolutely and thoroughly remove all obstacles on the road of scientific development, and never delay China's progress from a world carton power to a world power. (Huang Shanxiang)

information source: packaging newspaper

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