Comment on a new notebook launched in May 2017

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Comment on a notebook newly released in May 2017

Lenovo released the latest generation of thin and light book - Xiaoxin Air Pro, which reminds me of Xiaoxin's previous main Air13 Pro Series

Xiaoxin Air13 Pro has been developed and launched for two generations. 13.3-inch mirror screen + all metal ultra-thin body will be a very competitive product in theory

unfortunately, the heat dissipation is a bit in a hurry. The processor power consumption of the first generation Xiaoxin Air13 Pro is less than 7W when it is fully loaded. Even if it is light and thin, don't pay too much attention to heat dissipation, which is too low

the second-generation Xiaoxin Air13 Pro has increased the CPU power consumption to 10W +. Although it is still low, it is at least an acceptable range. I sometimes recommend it

in a strict sense, this Xiaoxin Air Pro released two days ago is not the next generation of Xiaoxin Air13 pro, but it is similar to Xiaoxin Air13 pro in terms of configuration and design style

you may be surrounded by this name soon. Let's straighten it out today, By the way, let's take a look at the general situation of this computer:

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air Pro

its configuration is as follows:

IU processor

940mx 2GB independent graphics card

8GB memory

256gb solid state hard disk

14 inch 1080p resolution 72% NTSC color gamut IPS screen

15.9mm thick


the initial price is 6499 yuan

its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


1, shell workmanship progress

2, heat dissipation specification upgrade

3, three ultra narrow borders, good screen quality


1, which is 800 yuan more expensive than the 13 inch pro in the same configuration

2. The fingerprint identification function is cancelled. The on-site display and Discussion on how to strengthen the aluminum process for automobile can be

3. Under high load, the power consumption is still low

[upgrade suggestions]

the disassembly of this laptop is very simple. You only need to remove the bottom screw to uncover the back cover

however, there is no place to upgrade directly after opening the back cover

8GB memory is hidden under the shield, which can replace larger capacity, but it is basically enough for daily use

256gb solid state drive is Samsung pm961, with good performance. If there is no special demand, it does not need to be replaced and upgraded

[purchase suggestion]

1, higher requirements for fuselage workmanship

2, higher requirements for screen quality

3, lower requirements for performance

the performance adjustment of this laptop is still conservative, but the heat dissipation specification has been improved

the main difference between it and the previous two generations of Air13 Pro lies in the improvement of shell workmanship and the increase of screen size

the most obvious place is at the edge of the fuselage. In the past, surface C was chamfered and cut by a metal plate and pasted on the outer frame

this time, a whole piece of metal plate is directly made into C-side and outer frame, which is integrated, making a very obvious progress in the workmanship of this machine

in addition, its independent graphics card can also cope with some simple online games, such as lol, so if you mainly need portable office and occasionally play some simple games, this laptop can meet your needs

but if you still pay more attention to the problem of full load power consumption, its performance will not attract you

[conclusion of pig King's conscience]

one of the reasons why the new Xiaoxin Air Pro is expensive is its new design, which is no longer the rush model of Xiaoxin Air13, so the internal heat dissipation specification can also be enhanced

this set of heat dissipation module can actually cope with the processor with full load power consumption of 15W, but the adjustment of Xiaoxin series has been conservative, so its dual full load CPU power consumption is only a little more than 10W at room temperature of 25.4 ℃, which is low

but recently I have been reflecting on myself. Why should I be as strict with thin books and game books? The heat dissipation of the light and thin book is qualified. Even if the power consumption reaches 15W or higher, the improvement of performance is still Pediatrics for the game

35 aluminum based key information reporting projects were completed in 2017

so in the future, the length of the heat dissipation description of the light and thin book in the pen bar comments will be significantly reduced, in order not to let consumers pay too much attention to the heat dissipation of the light and thin book

as long as it's not particularly bad or very good, we'll stop there in the future

back to the machine itself, which has higher specific strength and stiffness. The reason for its higher price is the brand-new mold. Is it worth paying 800 yuan more for this

in my opinion, if you have an allowance of 800 yuan in your budget, you can consider buying more expensive ones

the reason is very simple. The workmanship has improved greatly

the Xiaoxin Air Pro this time is a real three sided narrow frame, and the camera adopts a smaller one, so it can be forcibly stuffed into the upper frame without the problem of nose hair camera

and its endurance capacity is also better than that of Air13 Pro for more than one hour. It is OK to measure it for 7 ~ 8 hours

generally speaking, this laptop is more sincere than the past two models

in addition, chao7000 has finally got its hands recently. The configuration is very similar to this Xiaoxin Air Pro. We will work harder today and strive to publish a comparison article with this Xiaoxin Air Pro tomorrow to further understand these two products

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