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The application of "authentic identity authentication management system" in the field of personal medicine

the phenomenon of pharmaceutical counterfeiting is becoming more and more serious. A statistic released by the State Food and Drug Administration shows that the value of counterfeit and inferior drugs investigated and dealt with nationwide in 2005 was nearly 500 million yuan. Because most counterfeit drugs do not have any drug ingredients and the counterfeiting process is simple, the cost of counterfeit drugs is much lower than ordinary people's imagination. The huge price difference between the two makes the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit drugs very profitable. For example, the transaction price of two boxes of dummy blood albumin is 18 yuan per box, while in the drugstore, two boxes of human blood albumin are sold for more than 1000 yuan. Although China's law has formulated the crime of selling fake drugs with the maximum penalty of death penalty, it still attracts more and more people to join this industry under the temptation of huge interests

and the speed control is inaccurate. The authentic identity authentication management system is a comprehensive authentication management system based on the identification of goods. The anti-counterfeiting function is only one of them, which is committed to the all-round protection of goods (not limited to goods) in the whole circulation link. Based on the advanced S-DNA element marking information technology, it completes the identification marking, detection and authentication and information management of items through three subsystems: element marking synthesis, intelligent analysis and authentication and data information management. The system can well solve various problems in product anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting rights protection, and provides many additional functions

"element label" technology can ensure that products cannot be counterfeited. The formula and manufacturing process of S-DNA element label are highly confidential, and its method of marking items is safe and effective. 3. Restart the second time. It is hidden before startup, and the counterfeiter can't crack and counterfeit at all

fast, real-time and accurate detection means and statistical analysis function provide strong support for anti-counterfeiting action. When the crackdown personnel find that there are counterfeit products in the market, they don't have to collect samples and bring them back for inspection as in the past. They just use the TPID intelligent analysis and certification system to test them directly, and summarize, sort out and analyze the test results through the data information management system

S-DNA element information labeling technology is a combination of three high-end technologies, namely S-DNA element label synthesis technology, TPID intelligent analysis and authentication technology and kmack data information management technology

1. S-DNA element label synthesis technology

using high-tech means, the S-DNA element label prepared by chemical elements according to special methods is a compound that can penetrate into the internal structure of substances, that is, synthetic genes. People used to call it "artificial gene", product "DNA" and "invisible bar code"

the physical and chemical properties of S-DNA element label are very stable, pollution-free, high temperature resistant, non-volatile, will not be worn and stripped, resistant to strong acid and alkali, insoluble in water and general organic and inorganic solvents. It has strong permeability and can penetrate into all materials except cut diamonds. S-DNA element tag can be used to mark the identity of items

2. TPID intelligent analysis authentication technology

it uses the principle of high-energy ray excitation to selectively analyze elements, which can complete the deep scanning of the molecular structure of substances, and the detection time of articles is no more than 5 seconds. Complete the identification, analysis and authentication of the element label in the article, and describe the user-defined information of the marked article

3. Kmack data information management technology

kmack data information management technology can enable users to identify counterfeit or prohibited products faster, provide users with the information they need, and enable them to take fast and effective measures from the perspective of law

kmack data information management system uses the industry standard multi-level station system, which has the characteristics of high accuracy, easy measurement, high adaptability and high security. It supports multiple languages and can recognize any language of unmodified source code. The role assignment system is adopted, which can be customized for each user

the authentic identity authentication management system provides rich and powerful functions. Through the element marking of product identity, intelligent authentication of product authenticity and digital management of product information, it realizes the security, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection of products, and becomes a powerful tool for anti-counterfeiting, rights protection, logistics management and definition

the construction steps of authentic identity authentication management system are as follows:

1 System design and scheme demonstration

2. Build data information management system

3. Complete the docking with the existing information system

4. Synthetic element label to mark the product

5. Collection and storage of marking information

6. Configure testing equipment and establish analysis and certification system

7. System commissioning and acceptance

8. The system is officially running

the following problems should be paid attention to in the construction of authentic identity authentication management system:

1 Building data management information system: considering the needs of system compatibility and confidentiality, it is suggested that the software and hardware should be provided by professional system developers. During the establishment process, the system encryption algorithm and the fairness and objectivity of data input and output should be legally notarized to ensure that the data output by the management system can be legally recognized in future anti-counterfeiting and traceability activities

2. Marking goods and articles: Based on the need of anti-counterfeiting, using S-DNA element label to mark products will be a long-term and continuous process. Enterprises must rely on professional system developers to provide on-site marking guidance services to ensure that element labels can be used correctly

3. When drugs are labeled by elements, they will each obtain a set of S-DNA element codes, and all user-defined information representing the drugs will be compiled, collected and stored in the data information management system. In order to facilitate downloading to the intelligent authentication analysis system, the length of each group of information shall not exceed 90 Chinese characters

4. Product marking method: pharmaceutical product packaging mainly includes large box (piece) packaging and strip box packaging. The materials used usually include white cardboard, coated paper, white paperboard, aluminum foil paper, carton board, BOPP film, unpacking strap, aluminum plastic, pearlescent film, polyethylene plastic, glass, etc. According to the characteristics of different products and the needs of enterprises, users can choose one or more of the following alternatives according to their needs

(1) add element labels to the material of the product's packaging (such as carton, BOPP film, etc.)

(2) add an element label to the printing ink of the text or pattern of the package

(3) select any information point on the package and directly spray or brush the element label on it

(4) add element label to the unsealing strap

(5) use special labels containing element labels on inner and outer packages

among the above options, we mainly recommend the method of adding S-DNA element label to the packaging printing ink to realize the effective marking of products. This method is convenient, fast, safe, reliable, economical and practical, and does not change the product production process, which is worthy of the first choice for enterprises

once the element label is added to the ink of a certain color, all the color areas on the package will be covered, so it is particularly important to select the appropriate marking point and ink color. The selection principle of marking points is: easy to detect, easy to adjust ink and certain secrecy

5. Security control

(1) element labels are made through multiple closed and independent links, and important information such as customer identity and element synthesis are mastered by equipment and personnel in different sites

(K-MAC) system is not connected to the external system

(3) quantitative synthesis technology and on-site supervision to prevent artificial loss of element labels

(4) cancel the original authorization of uncontrolled element labels by modifying the information and starting the authorization management system

(5) tracking and positioning and remote authorization control technology ensure effective security management of intelligent analysis and authentication system

to protect the brand is to create value! The establishment of authentic identity authentication management system provides advanced technical means for the protection of pharmaceutical brands. The market share of genuine products will increase significantly with the continuous reduction of fake and shoddy products, bringing greater economic and social benefits to pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises. Due to the improvement and strengthening of anti-counterfeiting rights protection and market management means, the cost of anti-counterfeiting rights protection and market management can be effectively reduced

it is believed that a new great wall of brand protection for pharmaceutical enterprises will be built by combining the brand-new certification management concept and superb technical means

note: the products involved in the pictures in the text are only examples, which does not mean that the product has been applied with "element label"

text/Dong Changgang (author: authentic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.)

source: Chinese brands and anti-counterfeiting


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