Domestic coating development needs breakthrough

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The development of domestic coatings needs a breakthrough

China's coating industry is currently growing at a rate of 10%, far higher than the world's average growth rate of 4%, and will continue to maintain a high growth rate in the future. However, in order to achieve great development, China's coating industry still needs to break through two "bottlenecks": environmental protection and additives

with the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the restrictions on volatile organic compounds and toxic substances in various countries are becoming more and more stringent. A few legislators are violating public opinion more and more strictly. In addition, the optimization of resin formula and the development of applicable additives have made environmental friendly "green" coatings the mainstream of the market. However, at present, only a few enterprises in the domestic coating industry have produced more than 100 types of water-based coatings that have been used for a longer time and have reached the new product certification standard of "China environmental label" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration

in addition, paint line 3 The commercialization cost of all vanadium flow battery is facing a major challenge. The industry needs a lot of additives and additives, with different varieties, functions, performance and requirements. However, the quality of raw materials for coatings in China is uneven. Even if the raw materials are produced by the same manufacturer, the performance cannot be guaranteed to be consistent, and the quality is unstable. Now most domestic enterprises need pigments, additives and additives imported from abroad. Therefore, in order to develop the coating industry, we should speed up the pace of developing additives and narrow the gap with developed countries

at present, large foreign companies are making great efforts to occupy the market of architectural coatings, automotive coatings and marine coatings in China. If domestic enterprises do not catch up and break through the two "bottlenecks" of environmental protection and additives, it is impossible for them to occupy the market with large capacity, high technology content and high added value

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