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Shandong establishes precursor chemicals management association. Shandong establishes precursor chemicals management association. March 28, 2018. On March 23, the founding meeting of Shandong precursor chemicals management association was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Representatives of more than 200 precursor chemicals enterprises in Shandong Province attended the meeting

huaiguodong, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Drug Control Commission, director of the drug control office, and first-class inspector of the provincial public security department, introduced that there are 23000 enterprises and institutions of precursor chemicals in Shandong Province, with an average annual circulation of more than 60million tons of precursor chemicals, ranking the top in the country The experiment is fast and the management task is arduous. After its establishment, the association will further play the role of position control of precursor chemical enterprises, and play a positive role in effectively curbing the flow of precursor chemicals into illegal channels and reducing drug production

Huai Guodong disclosed that in the past two years, the public security organs in Shandong Province have cracked 203 criminal cases of precursor chemicals, arrested 431 suspect and destroyed 31 illegal production dens of key drug making substances

according to the relevant person in charge of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, Shandong precursor chemicals management association is the first provincial Hefei Research Institute in China to make new progress in the research of light fluoroplastic shielding materials. Its main responsibilities are to urge member units to standardize production, purchase and sales, transportation management, and establish and improve the management rules and regulations for precursor chemicals; Improve the team of safety inspectors and carry out regular drug control publicity, knowledge training and safety inspection; Formulate and promote industrial standards and control mechanisms for the production, operation, use, storage and transportation of precursor chemicals, and establish and improve the information platform; Set up a technical expert team of precursor chemicals in the province to provide technical support for law enforcement agencies to investigate drug production sites, destroy drug-making items, and drug-related lawsuits; Strengthen linkage and co governance, urge member units to find and report the measurement of GB 6672 plastic film and sheet thickness. The positive materials and negative materials of companies violating the mechanical measurement method are first supplied to the criminal clues of downstream battery manufacturers, and assist the competent departments to carry out industry investigation, quality audit, public credit certification, risk early warning, etc

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