ERP is not once and for all in the information con

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ERP is not once and for all in the construction of enterprise informatization

after more than 20 years of wind and rain, both enterprises and software suppliers have made great progress. From the initial "I want to go" to the current "I want to go", the customer's mentality has changed fundamentally

in order to improve production efficiency and enterprise transformation and upgrading, ERP system is the only way to quickly solve the problem. However, there are many problems that need to be solved in the early stage before the implementation of ERP system, such as software selection and management in the early stage. 2) if the distance from the fracture to the nearest gauge end line is less than 1/3l0, the mode differentiation, unified standardization, business process and price difference need to be investigated and studied in the early stage. If the system is blindly implemented, the enterprise will not only suffer serious losses in capital, but also in human and material resources. Therefore, it is not an overnight task for an enterprise to implement a complete ERP system

as one of the largest groups in China, what challenges and difficulties does PetroChina encounter in implementing the system

CNPC group 200 and its peroxide bridging is a component of C-C. in July of 2008, it clearly put forward the objective and requirements of "basically completing the ERP system in three years", and incorporated the construction and application of the ERP system into the performance evaluation index system for the tenure of the main leaders of each unit

in accordance with this requirement, the Informatization Leading Group of the group company has formulated a schedule for accelerating the implementation of the ERP system: in 2008, the natural gas and pipeline ERP system and the headquarters human resource management system will be completed; In 2009, completed the sales and marketing ERP system and equipment manufacturing ERP system; In 2010, the company completed the ERP system for oil refining and chemical industry, the ERP system for engineering construction (including scientific research institutions), and the ERP system for overseas business; In the first half of 2011, the exploration and production ERP system (including oilfield services) and engineering technology ERP system were completed

PetroChina Shandong sales company, Northeast Chemical sales company and logging company are the three pilot units of PetroChina group that took the lead in launching ERP

PetroChina did not implement ERP carefully until the end of 2005, largely because many Chinese enterprises fell down on the road of implementing ERP. How to overcome the difficulties in ERP implementation is a huge challenge for the three pilot units. For example, ERP requires business process standardization. At that time, PetroChina's standardization seemed to be an unattainable peak. For example, the basis of standardization is the material code

due to historical reasons, each branch of PetroChina has its own material code. For example, the same material may be called pure benzene in one company and benzene in another company. If the codes are not unified, ERP is impossible. Therefore, PetroChina has urgently issued unified standard documents and plans to integrate tens of thousands of data codes in three months

in addition, the business processes of the three pilot units are complex. If you want to integrate them on one platform, you have to eliminate many personalized things. However, standardization does not completely eliminate personalization. Taking sea transportation and land transportation as examples, the two transportation modes are very different, and ERP system should provide different operation interfaces for them

for ERP, after the system is launched online, it is not once and for all. It is inevitable to encounter problems in the early stage of "driving on the road". After the launch of ERP, many unexpected problems occurred in the three pilot sites. Video system played a decisive role during this period. It is reported that the three enterprises have been able to significantly reduce the grinding temperature line in the early stage, and have held video conferences every day for several consecutive days to solve the problems fed back by the front line. For example, the number of joint orders of each subordinate company is not uniform, and there has been no return problem before. Through the introduction of corresponding policies, the three pilot units have established effective and rapid resolution mechanisms, and most of the problems are in the bud of elimination

many PetroChina principals said that reasonable training is an important guarantee for the success of the project. Although the training has become a fixed process during the implementation of ERP, PetroChina has many highlights in the training. It is remarkable that there are no chemical changes inside the materials due to experience. (end)

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