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Jilin: thousands of barrels of raw materials from chemical plants were washed into the Songhua River by floods Jilin: thousands of barrels of raw materials from chemical plants were washed into the Songhua River by floods July 29, 2010, More than 1000 raw material barrels (160 kg-170 kg per barrel) containing trimethyl ethyl chlorosilane were washed downstream along the Songhua River at the Xinya intensified plant in Yongji County, Jilin City, Jilin Province

that's the comparative equivalence.

in the afternoon, I saw dozens of blue raw material barrels floating on the river in a section of the Songhua River in the urban area of Jilin City, and the abnormal smell by the river is not obvious

after receiving the report, Zhu Yanfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and executive vice governor, rushed to the scene immediately and led the relevant departments to deploy the work immediately. Jilin environmental protection, safety supervision, fire control, public security, transportation, health, Longtan District, economic development zone, Shulan city and other relevant units and departments have set up multiple fishing points along the Songhua River where conditions permit, and strive to intercept them all in the urban section

relevant departments organize chemical experts to provide technical guidance for salvage work, scientifically command interception and salvage, and ensure the safety of rescue personnel and no leakage. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Bureau will monitor the water quality of Songhua River at any time and report the situation to the relevant departments in time

Wang Rulin, the governor of Jilin Province, asked the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and the environmental protection department to quickly organize forces to assist in handling as soon as possible, work with Jilin city to salvage, and take scientific and effective measures to prevent secondary accidents

since the 28th, there have been rumors of pollution in the Songhua River on the Internet and in the society. In Harbin, some citizens learned from the above that the Jilin section of the Songhua River was polluted and expressed concern about the local water quality. Jilin Min said that the warehouse of the local chemical plant was destroyed by the flood, and the tap water has been cut off. He hoped that the official would announce whether the Songhua River was polluted and the reason for the cut-off. Chi Xiaode, director of Heilongjiang Provincial Environmental Supervision Bureau, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency on the afternoon of the 28th that after the Songhua River water pollution incident in 2005 occurred according to different load measurement methods, Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces established an emergency interactive notification mechanism. Once it may cause harm to the downstream, the emergency plan will be launched immediately for disposal


it is understood that trimethyl ethyl chlorosilane is a colorless transparent liquid with an irritating odor. When exposed to the air, it is easy to react with moisture to produce hydrogen chloride. Its dangerous characteristics are inflammable, in case of high heat, open fire or contact with oxidant, there is a risk of combustion and explosion. When heated or in case of water, it decomposes and releases heat, releasing toxic and corrosive fumes

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