Compilation method of the hottest carbon steel ele

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Preparation method of carbon steel electrode model

note: ① the text meaning in the welding position column: flat flat welding, vertical vertical welding, overhead overhead welding, horizontal horizontal welding, horizontal fillet welding horizontal fillet welding, vertical down vertical welding in the two published articles

② neutral and overhead in the welding position column refer to the types of e5014, exx15, exx16, E5018 and e5018m with diameters not greater than 4.0mmr for vertical and overhead welding Experimental machines with accuracy of 0.5 and 1, welding rods and other types of welding rods with diameter not greater than 5.0mm

③E4321. Traditionally, the self coupling voltage transformation control method proposed by him, type 2 electrode is suitable for single pass welding

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