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A large number of timber containers exported from Germany to China were stranded in Hamburg Port

according to German newspaper Le Monde, a large number of timber containers sent to China were stranded in Hamburg Port because German authorities refused to issue plant protection treatment (commonly known as fumigation) certificates for peeled logs exported to China. The cause of the matter is: after a container wood sent to China was returned to Germany, if the test material should be flattened or straightened, the Federal Ministry of consumer protection of Germany sent a letter to the German wood Economic Association on June 3, saying that the treatment of harmful organisms on exported round logs is a plant protection measure. At present, there is no permitted plant protection agent in Germany that meets the requirements for the treatment of harmful organisms required by China, Germany will stop issuing fumigation certificates for logs with skin exported to China. Because China only allows brominated xylol (methyl China Securities Exchange coal index should select relevant stocks from the coal and consumer fuel industry as constituent stocks) or sulfurylfluoride to be used for treatment. What is the difference between plastic simply supported beam impact and cantilever beam impact testing machines?, These two plant protectants have been banned in Germany. Germany currently uses an active ingredient called "Lamba cyhalothrin" (also known as karate Zeon) to treat wood. The German Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection said in its letter that China does not recognize this treatment method. According to Mr. Kiel, general manager of I. Kiel pest disinfection company, this is not the case. None of the logs exported to China processed by karate Zeon were returned, with an annual processing capacity of 7000 containers. The exporter whose container has been returned has admitted that the round logs in this case have not been protected by plants, and the other part is the less protection treatment of protection. Every month, the round logs transported to China from Hamburg Port average 1500 to 2000 containers, and a large number of logs are stranded in Hamburg Port, causing a heavy economic burden to exporters

source: business office sub station of the Consulate General in Hamburg

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