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Shandong completed the transformation and promotion of power consumption information collection, intelligent distribution and transformation terminals and other systems within this year.

at present, the most urgent and heaviest task of the company is to accelerate the construction of ubiquitous power IOT. Shandong Electric Power Co., Ltd. conscientiously implements the deployment of the Party group of the company, adheres to innovation and takes responsibility, strives to build a "Shandong model" of ubiquitous power IOT, and unswervingly takes the lead in the construction of a world-class energy interconnection enterprise

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Shandong electric power quickly launched the "take responsibility as the best, pay close attention to the implementation and go ahead" deepening learning Week activities, and invited technical experts to hold special lectures and technical exchange activities, so that the majority of cadres and employees have a more comprehensive understanding of what ubiquitous power IOT is, why it should be built, how to build and other issues

the company's ubiquitous power IOT construction work deployment videoconference stressed that the ubiquitous power IOT construction is related to the overall situation of "three types and two" construction, involving every employee, which is highly innovative and challenging, and requires coordination, two-way efforts and all staff to tackle difficulties. Shandong electric power will accelerate relevant research and infrastructure construction, promote the coordinated and integrated development of strong smart power and ubiquitous power IOT, build the "three streams in one" energy interconnection of energy flow, business flow and data flow, achieve leading advantages in the construction of smart energy integrated service platform and smart enterprise, and create a model project of energy interconnection

based on comprehensive perception, driven by data integration, centered on platform sharing and guided by value creation, we will implement the three-year critical action of ubiquitous power IOT, and initially build it by 2021. Relying on the national (Qingdao) military civilian integration demonstration zone, build a nationally leading ubiquitous power IOT demonstration project. Strengthen the development and application of functions, deepen the construction of full-service data center, speed up the construction of artificial intelligence technology platform, realize full-time perception of electrical state, comprehensive connection of operation data, whole business process and new experience of customer service, and lay a solid foundation for comprehensive energy utilization and business expansion

find out the family background and find out the "power point"

in recent years, Shandong electric power has actively promoted the construction of indoor information to avoid smoke when the temperature is high, and has accumulated some experience in big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, and also provided the main direction and key power point for the integrated development of "two"

in terms of improving service level and cultivating emerging businesses, through the power consumption information acquisition system, the province's 44million customers' power consumption information data are automatically collected, with an average daily collection of about 500million pieces of data, which has been fully applied to customer service and business analysis. Rely on the smart energy service platform to build the car service ecosystem, create a data center covering the whole industry chain of cars, piles, and storage, and innovate the new retail business model of electric vehicles. At present, the charging and replacement power of the platform reaches 144million kwh

in terms of improving the safe and economic operation level of electricity, the power generation side has realized the monitoring, real-time evaluation, trend prediction, remote optimization and dynamic management of the combined units in the whole province. The substation "robot +" automatic inspection system is applied in the pilot project at the substation side. The transmission line intelligent inspection management platform is applied on the transmission side to realize the transformation from line inspection to intelligent mode. The distribution side pilot application is based on the edge computing app of intelligent distribution and transformation terminal, which completes the "edge end" collaboration and "edge cloud" collaboration, and realizes the full collection, full perception and full control of low-voltage distribution data

in terms of data sharing and basic support, complete the implementation of the processing domain and analysis domain of the full-service data center; Complete the development and verification of 6 demonstration micro applications for 2.3 accurately printing or drawing markings according to the sample size requirements, such as electrical service command and physical ID. Build a provincial AI technology platform to provide general and common support for the application and construction of various majors. We have developed special mobile terminals and security access platforms for power, deployed more than 48000 mobile terminals, which are widely used in equipment, marketing, regulation, materials, safety supervision and other majors

in terms of safety protection in the whole scene, the on-site operation safety control platform was fully applied, and the on-site information was transmitted back through fixed video and mobile terminals. A total of more than 300000 sites were supervised, and the number of violations decreased by 54%. The panoramic intelligent power protection command system is fully launched to realize the penetration command of personnel and materials and the full display of information resources. Independently developed and promoted the UBI security protection pass, which passed the performance test of the Ministry of public security and the actual combat test of the "protection 2018" exercise

implement the "first hand chess"

Shandong Electric Power Co., Ltd. seriously organizes the implementation of the company's "ubiquitous power IOT construction outline", and implements all tasks to the letter

pay attention to the top-level design with flat lines. Adhere to the integrated development and collaborative promotion with power, formulate the construction plan of ubiquitous power IOT, comprehensively consider the five aspects of terminal, network, platform, application and security, clarify the functional architecture, technical system and application scenarios, and plan the key construction tasks and construction paths

strengthen infrastructure construction. Carry out research on information identification, acquisition and control technology of electrical equipment, and actively participate in the formulation of standards. During the year, the transformation and promotion of power consumption information collection, intelligent distribution and transformation terminals and other systems were completed, and the distribution IOT demonstration zone was first built in Jinan and Qingdao. Optimize the backbone communication frame, carry out wireless pilot, strive to build 39 Beidou ground-based enhanced base stations, and form a new generation of communication with the three-dimensional support capability of "ubiquitous connection + precise timing + precise positioning". We will deepen the construction of full-service data centers, vigorously promote the standardization of data models, and build an artificial intelligence technology platform by the end of August

dig deep into big data-driven value. Establish a data asset management committee to promote the construction of big data laboratory, and carry out data asset management and planning. Sort out databases and data links, strengthen the sharing of provincial and municipal data and technology, and form a full process and all-round data application support. Build a data-driven four category monitoring system, strengthen strategy implementation monitoring and operation quality evaluation, and form a typical scene and material library by classification

build a service platform for multi information fusion. Build an innovation base of "interconnection + power supply service", comprehensively promote "going to China", and realize full-service online handling. Strengthen the big data monitoring of power consumption information, and pilot the replacement of electric energy meter status. Create a provincial customer side energy service platform, carry out customer energy information census, and support the development of comprehensive energy market and project operation. Explore a new mode of using substation resources to build and operate charging and changing stations (energy storage) and data center stations. Accelerate the implementation of orderly charging and support the large-scale development of electric vehicles. Deepen the application of mobile terminals and strengthen the functional integration of professional mobile terminals

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