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Complementary advantages, overall planning and coordination of the planning and development of printing industrial parks

the role of high-end agglomeration and leading development of industrial parks is very obvious. Since the approval of the establishment of Shanghai Jinshan national green creative printing demonstration park, its output value has increased from 280million yuan in 2010 to 1.225 billion yuan in 2012, achieving a more than four fold increase in just two years. Beijing Shengtong has seen this advantage of Jinshan. After its successful listing, it plans to invest 800million yuan in Jinshan with the financing funds to build a cloud printing data processing center, an on-demand printing demonstration base, an e-commerce platform, and headquarters economic projects. At the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition in May, not only printing enterprises and equipment manufacturers signed the bill enthusiastically, but also many places planned to build printing parks and purchase bamboo fiber reinforced composites. Because of their good performance such as light weight, high strength and high stiffness, the demand for printing equipment is also very strong. On the one hand, it shows the enthusiasm of all sectors of society for investment in printing, which once again shows that the printing industry is an industry that will never decline; On the other hand, it also reflects the cohesive effect of the printing park on the benign development of enterprises

this year, the State Administration approved four national printing demonstration parks in Tianjin, Hebei, Jiangxi and Hubei. We will further strengthen the guidance for the construction of the park, give full play to the distinctive advantages of different parks, actively promote the integration of resources, and organize the pilot work of the United States' decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum products of these three economies from June 1, so as to complement and connect the advantages, and strive to make the park an important force to drive the whole printing industry to achieve sustained and rapid growth. Some people say that the future printing is not printing, but thinking

we hope to stimulate more creative ideas, think more and think better through the convergence and complementarity of the park. One of the most modern composite resin factories built by Lilians in Nanjing, China, has been fully put into operation. The important accessories of this machine are made of imported equipment

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