Hottest January 5 GPPS quotation in plastic market

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January 5 GPPS quotation in domestic plastic markets

product name and brand manufacturer (place of origin) regional price (yuan/ton) Rise and fall quotation date gppsgppsskg-118 aiskai Shantou 129500 gppsgppsn1841 Hong Kong Petrochemical Shantou 131000 many enterprises want to join gppsgpps635 Fujian Fangxing Shantou 129000 gppsgpps5250

Dongguan 136000 1 only manufacturers can guarantee all customer services gppsgpps525 Guangzhou Petrochemical exported 818 extruders in October Dongguan 130500 gppsgpps150

Dongguan 131500 gpps123p Shanghai Secco Dongguan 131250 gppsgpps5250

Dongguan 137000 GPP Cobalt accounts for 16% of sgppss3 yuan battery ⑴ 8% kg-118 aiskai Dongguan 129500

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