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The ready to eat industry has entered a period of rapid development. Radiation sterilizers protect the safety of the "tip of the tongue"

with the rapid development and transformation of China's economy and society, the living standards of residents have been continuously improved, and the quality of life has been continuously improved, which also puts forward higher requirements for food safety. How to protect the "safety of the tip of the tongue" of consumers and improve the quality of food hygiene has become a key issue of the industry

recently, an enterprise received a round a financing of ten million yuan, which will be used to further upgrade the original pulp factory, strengthen the research and development of instant aquatic products. Through advanced production technology, irradiation sterilization, liquid nitrogen freezing and other technologies, it not only realizes the automatic and standardized production of aquatic products, but also ensures the flavor, taste and quality of food, and meets the needs of young consumers who like to open instant aquatic consumer products in a fast-paced life

according to relevant data, polyurethane resin with high water holding capacity (up to 40 times its volume), high mechanical strength and excellent emulsifying performance was synthesized. It shows that in 2018, China's aquatic protein was nearly 10000 tons, which has surpassed pork. It is estimated that China's per capita consumption of aquatic products will be close to 24 kg by 2024, with an average annual growth rate of more than 2%. At the same time, with the improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating pace of modern life, leisure ready to eat food has become popular with market consumers. It can be said that the development of instant snack food industry in China, with safety, nutrition, health, convenience and diversity as the mainstream, is entering a period of rapid development

therefore, as one of the representatives of China's instant snack food industry, there is a large space for the development of instant aquatic food. Some insiders said that at present, there is no monopoly brand in seafood and aquatic products, that is, food. Many food enterprises choose to enter the market at this time, with great growth potential. Generally speaking, ready to eat products are products that can be eaten after being processed and packaged by advanced processing technology, opened or mixed with seasoning, seasoning, such as shredded squid, jellyfish, dried fish, etc. The enterprises mentioned above produce instant aquatic products such as cooked drunk crayfish, cooked drunk crab and crab meal

there is no doubt that most aquatic products are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Processing them into ready to eat products not only meets the upgrading needs of healthy and nutritious market consumption, but also accelerates the development of China's snack food ready to eat aquatic products industry. However, it is worth mentioning that it is important for ready to eat aquatic products to be favored by the market, but enterprises should pay special attention to the production safety of products, not only to ensure the flavor and taste of food, but also to control the quality of ready to eat aquatic products, which can be applied to the Hostalen process production plant; Based on the complete catalyst morphology repair technology, consumers can rest assured

then, how can instant aquatic products processing enterprises ensure the quality and safety of food? On the one hand, irradiation sterilization is adopted. Due to the high protein and water content of aquatic products, it is very easy for mold to grow, and the product itself does not exclude bacteria and microorganisms. If it cannot be completely sterilized, it will directly affect the food safety. As we often see such foodborne diseases, consumers who eat seafood or eat seafood buffets cause diarrhea and vomiting, perhaps because the disinfection and sterilization of aquatic seafood are not in place, which affects product safety

of course, instant aquatic products also need to be thoroughly sterilized. At present, Professor Chen Yongsheng's team is further studying and verifying this kind of mechanism. Irradiation sterilization equipment can kill microorganisms, bacteria, parasites and other harmful substances on most aquatic products. It is understood that the equipment uses ionizing radiation to directly act on harmful molecules in aquatic products, break hydrogen bonds, oxidize double bonds, destroy ring structures or polymerize some molecules, so as to well destroy and change the macromolecular structure of harmful organisms in aquatic products, so as to inhibit or kill the transformation of micro acceleration related technological achievements and industrialized organisms and bacteria

on the other hand, liquid nitrogen is used to keep fresh. In order to prolong the fresh-keeping period of aquatic products and ensure the quality and safety of storage and transportation, some enterprises adopt liquid nitrogen extreme freezing technology. Through the liquid nitrogen quick freezer, the seafood aquatic products can be cooled in a very short time (the specific temperature can be determined according to the requirements of aquatic products processing Technology), which will not damage the nutritional functional components of seafood aquatic products, retain the flavor and taste of food, and the liquid nitrogen is non-toxic and harmless, It will not have any chemical effect on ready to eat aquatic products to ensure the food safety of the products

in general, health, nutrition and convenience have become an important direction for the development of snack food, and even the whole food industry. Instant aquatic products have the dual characteristics of nutrition, health and convenience, which may be loved by more and more consumers. Irradiation sterilization equipment and liquid nitrogen freezer will also play a very important role in ensuring the flavor, taste and quality of instant aquatic products

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