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In the next step of instant messaging, artificial intelligence may replace general customer service

Facebook may hope that its communication software messenger can become a bridge between users and enterprises

after using Taobao, you may have common experience. Once you click the official customer service, you will immediately reply with amazing speed. After a few words, you will find that it is a robot. In fact, the next step of instant messaging software is to integrate artificial intelligence systems, so that enterprises can help customers solve problems faster

seeking assistance through instant messaging may be a very popular method for the American people. Gartner, an information research company, once said that the total exports of the three accounted for 39.54% from 2020, 85% of customer interactions may not require the use of manpower. Companies in related fields raise a lot of funds, speed up the development of chat robots, and can face all kinds of problems

facebook has recently broken through 1.2 billion users of messenger. If you add the acquisition of WhatsApp, it is unimaginable for a large number of users. Facebook's strategy is very clear, that is, as a bridge between brand and consumer, whether human or AI, or a combination of the two, enterprises will use Facebook platform as a means of communication and publicity

at this year's F8 conference, David Marcus announced that the United States will launch an instant response scheme. For example, AI can read information in a restaurant or Facebook page information, and immediately answer people's questions. It can not only solve the needs of customer service, but also have the opportunity to find potential customers

not only that, Facebook hopes messenger can do more. It will launch messenger platform 2.0 at the F8 conference, so that messenger can operate in other programs. Through a variety of functions, users can have a better experience, developers can understand user behavior, and enterprises can better use AI as a communication bridge

but at the same time, the outside world suggested Facebook that chat robots need more indicators, such as emotion, success rate, pipeline analysis, etc., to help make a better system. If users are unhappy with AI replies, and the system cannot immediately interpret them, then we must strengthen improvement, make interaction more humanized, and equip them with anti bending equipment under measurement

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