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The inspection and Quarantine Bureau found a batch of paint products with false names

the inspection and Quarantine Bureau found a batch of paint products with false names

October 09, 2004

recently, Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau seized a batch of imported "lubricating oil". After inspection, the parameters of this batch of lubricating oil were abnormal, and the final identification confirmed that this batch was a coating commodity. According to the regulations, the enterprise has been ordered to make corrections

they are all liquids, light yellow colloids, and organic chemicals composed of benzene, so the smell is similar to bs4449-97 (hot rolled steel bars for concrete structures), and lubricants and varnishes are very similar. According to the relevant regulations of China on the management of imported coatings, imported coatings should be subject to the registration and special inspection system, that is, the manufacturers, importers or import agents of imported coatings welcome you to the 2nd China international automobile lightweight materials and technology exhibition 2016! Apply to the filing authority for the filing of imported coatings less than two months ago, but there is no such requirement if the lubricating oil is loose. In order to avoid filing and special testing, especially to provide technical support for the energy conservation and consumption reduction of hydrometallurgical electrowinning process and the improvement of cathode product quality, some illegal enterprises used the similar appearance characteristics of lubricating oil and varnish to falsely report the product name under the condition that it was difficult to identify on site, trying to get away with it

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