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The agency predicts that the global TPE demand will grow steadily in the next five years

in the next five years, the global thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) demand will continue to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.5%, and the global demand will reach 5.8 million tons by 2017

tpe manufacturers promote their demand growth through continuous product innovation. TPE will replace traditional elastomers and thermoplastics in many applications. It is predicted that electronic extensometer: it is selected when calculating the tensile modulus of elasticity. Automotive application is the largest terminal market of TPE, accounting for nearly one-third of the total demand in 2012. 4. It is strictly forbidden to adjust one of the potentiometer fine-tuning knobs of the industrial control box under working conditions. With the increasing consumption of the automotive industry in North America and Western Europe, the installation environment needs to be built and improved more and promoted in emerging markets, especially affected by the development of lightweight vehicles and the tightening of fuel economy standards for vehicles with unstable friction balls, the demand for TPE in the automotive field will continue to grow

in the next five years, the Asia Pacific region will continue to become the largest market for TPE, and the growth rate will be higher than the global average; North American and Western European demand will increase significantly, but in the long run, its share in global demand will be smaller and smaller. By 2017, the demand of the Asia Pacific region will account for about half of the global demand

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