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The application of emulsifying machine in vaccine production

production process of polypeptide vaccine

the focus is to build a project with an annual output of 300000 tons of ethylene glycol to produce 50000 tons of methyl carbonate and 100000 tons of methanol. Almost all operations are jointly controlled by Marshall's load operation integration center - space station scientific task control department and tethers unlimited Inc. to remotely control the production process of two-step oil emulsion inactivated vaccine:

prepare vaccine by two-step emulsification method 。

step 1: according to the ratio of internal water phase to oil is 4:6, slowly add the internal water phase to the oil phase stirred at low speed, and after preliminary emulsification, emulsify at high speed for a few minutes to make a w/o grade I oil emulsion vaccine

step 2: according to the volume ratio of w/o first-class oil emulsion vaccine to the external water phase of 5:1, add the w/o first-class oil emulsion additional vaccine to the external water phase, and emulsify the vaccine according to different emulsification rates to prepare the Newcastle disease infectious bronchitis egg drop syndrome triple emulsion vaccine, and check the stability of the vaccine prepared at different emulsification rates. (end)

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