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Instant adhesive for film coating

in the field of printing and packaging, surface finishing is one of the components of the whole process design. For printed matter or packaging boxes, surface finishing is very important not only in giving products a professional and high-quality image, but also in maximizing the durability and appearance appeal of products. The combination of plastic film and paperboard can combine the attractiveness, protection and strength of image and appearance. The lamination not only makes the printed matter have a high gloss surface or matte surface, but also ensures that the printed matter of 180 combined steel template can reach the application site safely

akzo Nobel industrial finishes provides a full range of adhesives for film covering to meet various application needs. One of the goals of the company's paper coating R & D department is to produce film covering adhesives with higher adhesive strength. This goal has promoted the research and development of nubond instant, a high-performance and "instant" adhesive specially developed for dry compounding. It is suitable for covering the surface of printed or unprinted paper-based materials with small thickness, high gloss or matte, pretreated OPP film

nubond instant adhesive shows the rapid development of adhesive strength (almost "instantaneous"), so that subsequent processing processes (such as embossing, crimping, indentation and folding) can be carried out immediately. The use of this adhesive shortens the long "drying time" and greatly improves the processing speed of the product. With reference to c.h.i.p regulations, nubond instant adhesive Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Jinan gold testing Jinan experimental machine factory sincerely welcomes your call for consultation. The non-volatile components are considered harmless and do not contain any isocyanates

nubond instant is a one component solvent-based adhesive, which does not need to add curing agent. The company can supply nubond instant adhesives using various mixed solvents as needed. Adhesives also have the following characteristics:

● remain relatively stable with sensitive reflex blue pigments

● resistance to tropical conditions after processing

● no service life

● can be dried by heating rollers or hot ovens

● use (called pull-down extension experiment reverse roll/scraper coating technology

information source: global color box industry

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