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Instrument and meter enterprises help the national quality and technology foundation and product quality improvement

recently, the annual meeting of the professional technical committee for quality inspection and management of the science and Technology Commission of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as the "professional quality Committee") and the technical exchange meeting of "national quality and technology foundation and product quality improvement" were held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The meeting was hosted by the quality professional committee, jointly organized by the China Academy of Metrology (hereinafter referred to as "the Chinese Academy of Metrology"), the China Institute of Standardization (hereinafter referred to as "the Chinese Academy of standardization"), and the Shanghai Academy of quality supervision and Inspection Technology (hereinafter referred to as "the Shanghai Academy of quality inspection"), and co organized by Changzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision. More than 110 experts, scholars and scientific and technological personnel from 65 quality inspection and technical institutions, scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises across the country attended the meeting, SPI industry analysts pointed out

song Shuying, vice president of the Chinese Academy of metrology, pointed out on behalf of the quality professional committee that improving the ability and level of quality inspection and quality management is an important means to promote quality improvement. She stressed that the quality professional committee should put forward high-quality countermeasures and suggestions for major scientific and technological problems, discipline construction, projects, talents and other aspects in quality development and quality improvement, so as to play a better role in quality improvement actions

the improvement of product quality depends on precision measurement and testing instruments

the current situation of China's manufacturing industry is that made in China is large but not strong. In the minds of most foreign users, Chinese products are low-end and cheap (there is a bias here, but there is no denying that made in China has such a practical problem). Not only foreign countries, but even domestic consumers also lack confidence in made in China, not because of insufficient promotion of Chinese brands, The key is quality. Judging the quality of a product needs to be done through measurement and testing. The most intuitive way is to use test data to explain that enterprises control product quality through the data obtained from measurement and testing, so as to effectively improve product quality. The accuracy of test data is inseparable from advanced technology and instruments and equipment

in order to solve the problem of product quality, some pragmatic enterprises have started the road of innovation, from enterprise management to equipment update, and gradually the influence of the loading method of Jinan gold testing spring experimental machine on the experimental results can not be ignored. It is dare to carry out transformation and upgrading, and the introduction of automatic and efficient measurement and detection equipment has become the choice of most enterprises

China graphics instrument leads the breakthrough of domestic measurement and testing instruments

in the past, when domestic industrial enterprises purchased high-end precision measurement and testing instruments, they would find that the market is basically imported products, which are not only expensive, but also inconvenient for after-sales. For the majority of industrial enterprises (especially small and medium-sized enterprises), it undoubtedly increases the cost. Therefore, it is expected that domestic enterprises can provide measurement and testing instruments and equipment comparable to imported ones. China graphics instrument is such an enterprise committed to accelerating the development of high-end precision meters and the localization of new material industry volume detection instruments. Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to research and development. Its products have covered all links of measurement and detection in industrial enterprises, from the initial indicator automatic verification instrument, to the later thread integrated measuring machine, high-precision grating length measuring machine, laser interferometer, profilometer, and now to the optical 3D surface profilometer and laser tracker, It has repeatedly achieved breakthroughs in domestic high-end measurement and testing instruments, and has been highly praised by all walks of life

take the equipment manufacturing enterprise as an example to describe the application of the measuring and testing instruments of the China graphics instrument: dial indicators, dial indicators, ring gauges, plug gauges, calipers, calipers and other measuring instruments and gauges will be used in the production and processing of workpieces. The above measuring instruments and gauges can be verified and calibrated across the San Francisco Bay by the measuring standard instruments of the China graphics instrument, such as the indicator calibrator, the thread comprehensive measuring machine, the high-precision grating length measuring machine and so on, Enterprises control the processing accuracy of products through the regular verification and calibration of measuring tools and gauges; After the workpiece is processed, use the contour measuring instrument/roughness contour measuring instrument to accurately measure the contour and roughness of the workpiece to ensure that it meets the design requirements. If the machining accuracy of the machine tool is out of tolerance, use the sj6000 laser interferometer to detect and compensate the accuracy of the machine tool to ensure the machining accuracy; When all parts are assembled after processing, the laser tracker ensures that the assembly is in perfect fit and meets the design requirements


I hope relevant government departments and enterprises in China can seriously think about how to truly improve product quality, how to break the boundaries of measurement, standards, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, and form a joint force of the whole chain

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