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About the inspection technology of the hook

safety inspection of the hook

· the hook for the human driven lifting mechanism is tested with 1.5 times the rated load as the inspection load

· the hook for power driven lifting mechanism shall be tested with twice the rated load as the inspection load

· after removing the inspection load, the hook shall not have any obvious defects and deformation, and the increase of opening shall not exceed 0.25% of the original size

· the hook passing the inspection shall be marked in the low stress area of the hook, including the rated lifting capacity, factory logo or factory name, inspection mark, production number, etc

scrapping standard of hook

the hook shall be scrapped in one of the following cases:

① cracks

② the wear of dangerous section reaches 10% of the original size

③ the opening degree increases by 15% compared with the original size

④ the torsion deformation of hook body exceeds 10 °

⑤ plastic deformation occurs in the dangerous section of the hook or the neck of the hook; Wood packaging materials are at high risk of entry. New materials may bring new changes

⑥ hook threads are corroded

⑦ the bushing of the hook is worn. Here is a brief introduction: when the lubricated insulating tube is used for protection or the functionalized graphene and polyaniline nanoparticles are compounded with a soft insulating ring in the hole of the nozzle to obtain a capacitance of 1046f/g, which reaches 50% of the original size, the bushing should be replaced

⑧ when the wear of the spindle of the hook reaches 5% of the original size, the spindle should be replaced

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