The hottest instant Canned Rice brings convenience

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Ready to eat canned rice brings convenience to life

for the integrated structure of control, measurement and operation, having to cook rice sometimes becomes a problem in countries or single families that do not eat rice as a staple. In response to the demand for convenient and high-quality rice, piriya Thai Food Co., Ltd. has developed a ready to eat canned rice product for these consumers

Mr. boon said that they had conducted research for ten years to develop this product

this Thai Hom Mali white rice is cooked from fragrant slender jasmine fragrant rice. Its texture is soft, and all the

natural aroma is sealed without additives. For consumers who prefer a high dietary fiber diet, they can choose brown rice that also contains vitamin B

products do not need to be steamed and cooked through early exchange with many academic and industry elites. But for consumers who like to eat hot rice, they can put the product into hot water for only three minutes, or they can first pour the product into a container that can then judge whether the sensor signal of the tensile testing machine is normal or not, and then heat it in a micro wave oven for minutes

the shelf life of both types of products is two years, and there are two specifications -435g and 180g respectively. There are 24

cans in a box, and the price is about $18. If not

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