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Instant cereal machinery Tainuo machinery innovation industry

instant cereal machinery Tainuo machinery innovation industry

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after long-term tests, our company has specially developed a set of low-cost equipment and raw material formula that can produce high-quality fibroin, and the cost is more than% lower than the raw material cost in the production of general equipment, Drawing protein production equipment which drawing protein content is high? According to the domestic E) self-aligning host, Taino machinery uses a frame level to find translation and speed change in two directions perpendicular to each other outside the working oil cylinder: the speed of moving the beam in the process of the experiment is very easy to scatter in nature, and it can automatically change according to the preset program. First, it designs and develops the drawing protein equipment, The content of wire drawing protein produced by this equipment is as high as% and becomes the first manufacturer in China to achieve such a high content, which is deeply favored by wire drawing protein users. The general state of wire drawing protein after pretreatment of wire drawing protein is dry solid (water content is about% and water activity is about), Before use, the wiredrawing protein must be softened by absorbing water. After fully absorbing water, the wiredrawing protein will completely soften and show the texture of meat fiber, () rehydration: soak the wiredrawing protein in water until it is soft (there is no hard core inside), and soak it in production water at room temperature (the soaking time is different according to different product items.

about minutes to hours), Considering the microorganism, it is recommended to use clean ice water (~ ℃) to soak better (about hours to soften), and the softened silk drawing protein should be used as soon as possible; After soaking, the unused silk fibroin must be stored in an environment of ~ ℃ and used up within hours () dehydration: put the softened silk fibroin evenly in the dehydrator to remove the excess water. The dehydrator with a drum diameter of CM and a rotating speed of RMP can dehydrate for about minutes. In the first minute of the dehydration stage, production water can be used to wash the silk fibroin to help remove the excess bean flavor, After dehydration, the weight of the silk drawing protein is about times of the dry weight (depending on the production of different products, the different water content of the silk drawing protein can be adjusted), that is, kg of silk drawing protein becomes kg after rehydration and dehydration, () wire removal: break up the silk drawing protein after dehydration. Which is the more professional factory of silk drawing protein technology and equipment? Better quality? Jinan Tainuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of drawing protein technology and equipment engaged in preventing oil leakage under high pressure. Tainuo machinery specially introduces Taiwan's drawing protein technology innovation to develop high-quality and high-tech drawing protein technology and equipment, which is deeply welcomed by customers. Taiwan's drawing protein technology and equipment are specially introduced by Jinan Tainuo Machinery Co., Ltd. with Taiwan's advanced technology, and the equipment is further improved through continuous improvement and innovation

the quality of brushed eggs produced by the business Dali noodles production equipment is good and the output is high. This technology has reached the leading level in the industry. Jinan Tainuo mechanical silk protein technology equipment has the following advantages: Using low-temperature soybean meal and other auxiliary added raw materials, the food produced by silk drawing protein has the dual advantages of low fat and low cholesterol that meat does not have, which are conducive to human absorption and health Wiredrawing protein is a further optimized combination based on ordinary tissue protein. In front of many picky tastes, our company has newly developed a kind of protein equipment with filiform structure. The taste, taste and appearance shape are closer to meat, and products like ordinary shredded meat are easier to be accepted by the public and sell well The production cost is low, and the manufacturers of protein products understand one truth: in the whole process of protein production

the machine is only an accessory with low price. The bigger factor that really affects the production process is the cost of raw materials. In view of the above factors, our company has specially developed a set of low-cost equipment that can produce high-quality wiredrawing protein and the cost of raw material formula is more than% lower than the cost of raw materials in the production of general equipment. Tainuo machinery, a professional manufacturer of wiredrawing protein technology and equipment in Taiwan, Taiwan's silk drawing protein technology equipment is specially introduced by Jinan Tainuo Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan's advanced technology. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the equipment is more perfect. The produced silk drawing eggs have good quality and high output. This technology has reached the leading level in this industry. Taiwan's silk drawing protein technology equipment uses low-temperature soybean meal, soybean protein isolate, gluten powder and starch as raw materials, and adopts Taiwan's twin-screw extrusion technology to produce a high protein High fiber expansion equipment, the protein content of drawing protein is up to more than%

it is the first manufacturer in China that can achieve such a high protein content. The material is pushed by the screw, and its protein is organized by high temperature, high pressure and high kneading in the barrel. The products produced have strong meat quality, good fiber state, high toughness, no bitter taste, stripped by hand with shredded meat lines and high tensile strength. It can be used as raw materials for various healthy foods, and is deeply favored by manufacturers, Changing the die head of the silk drawing protein equipment can produce cylindrical products with the shapes of columns, blocks, flakes, thin strips, round grains, square grains, etc. the classification of silk drawing protein is divided according to its structure, including thick silk type, fine instant cereal mechanical silk type, soft silk type, hard silk type, smooth silk, astringent silk, etc

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