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Institutional research: yesterday, eight listed companies of Zhongheng electric, Zhangyuan tungsten and random supply industry, halo new, Pacific Technology, Pearl River beer, Huizhong shares, seagull housing workers and McDonnell digital were surveyed by institutions. Among them, Zhongheng Electric is the most popular. Anqiao assets, magic square quantification, 2. Because the hydraulic universal experimental machine should hold the base and then move the jaw, it is often investigated by 7 institutions such as Minsheng trust

in the face of the ABC column that cannot be ignored in automobile exterior decoration, Zhongheng electric introduced the company's communication power business. Zhongheng Electric said that the communication power business has always been the business focus of the company's power electronics sector. Facing 5g base stations, data centers, computer room power supply and other application scenarios, the company has developed a series of products and 5g network "end-to-end" solutions that meet the requirements of different network levels, and has accumulated experience and methods of building stations in pilot projects that have been carried out in succession

in addition, combined with the centralized remote power supply technology of HVDC, we should meet the construction needs of rapid deployment, flexible expansion, efficient operation and maintenance of 5g base stations, and independently develop self cooling micro power supply system to meet the construction of high-density micro base stations in the 5g era, so as to make forward-looking technical research and sufficient product reserves for the development of 5g networks

Zhongheng Electric said that the company continues to accelerate the upgrading and optimization of the performance of HVDC products. The innovative HVDC micro energy storage system can effectively increase the server shelf capacity (power) by 18%, maximizing the investment income of IDC power supply, and has been applied to the construction of Tencent cabinet level micro energy storage system; Especially in the 5g ultra large data center, the company also developed an ultra efficient prefabricated 10kV direct conversion HVDC power supply system, which integrates 10kV power distribution, transformer, low-voltage power distribution, DC uninterruptible power supply, etc. through the innovation of magnetic circuit and circuit, the efficiency can reach more than 98.2%, and the floor area can be saved by one third, meeting the rapid deployment of (ultra) large data centers in the 5g era

Zhongheng electric stressed that with the accelerated investment in 5g network construction, the demand for high-power, high-density and super large capacity infrastructure construction will be greater and greater, and the requirements for power supply guarantee will be higher and higher, and the utilization rate of HVDC will be rapidly improved in the future

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