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Life rescue is an urgent disaster. It always comes in a way that people are caught off guard. At 11:40 a.m. on December 20, a landslide occurred in hengtaiyu Industrial Park, Guangming New Area, Shenzhen. The landslide disaster caused a total of 33 buildings to be destroyed, involving 15 companies. As of the afternoon of December 22, the number of people lost contact reached 76 -- the disaster map taken by aerial photography on site is shocking, like a sudden loess tsunami, sweeping through everything that China, a large country of fruit and vegetable production and consumption, has encountered

Figure 1: aerial picture of the disaster scene

at this moment, there are few words to describe the worry of a city. It is required to quickly organize forces to carry out rescue and rescue, and rescue the trapped people at the first time. The main component is synthetic resin, try to reduce casualties as much as possible, and do a good job in the aftermath, such as the treatment of the wounded and the pacification of their families

Shenzhen and Guangming New Area immediately launched the rescue emergency plan, set up an on-site rescue headquarters, and set up 10 teams, including on-site search and rescue team, on-site monitoring team, medical support team, inspectors team, release team, secondary disaster prevention team, peripheral warning team, traffic guidance team, communication support team, logistics support team, etc. More than 3000 rescue workers, including armed police, public security, fire control and so on, were organized to search and rescue the scene against the clock. A big rescue race against death is rapidly unfolding

after receiving the alarm, Guangdong provincial public security fire brigade immediately dispatched Guangjiang to display the special service brigade of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Heyuan detachment and the headquarters in the concept vehicle jointly developed with GAC Research Institute. A total of 11 rescue teams, 104 fire engines, 566 fire officers and soldiers, 123 life detectors, 4 UAVs and 30 search and rescue dogs participated in the rescue

at the rescue site, fire officers and soldiers use avcon single soldier image transmission equipment and 3G portable terminal equipment to transmit the on-site disaster situation and rescue picture to the headquarters command center at the first time. The command center of Guangdong provincial fire brigade, through the comprehensive fire image management platform, timely grasped the on-site disaster situation and rescue changes, and made audio and video calls with the on-site headquarters and the officers and soldiers participating in the front-line rescue, so as to command and dispatch the rescue work and achieve scientific rescue

Figure 2: picture of the command center of Guangdong Provincial Fire Brigade

due to the large landslide area, large amount of collapse soil, loose soil, deep buried position of the victims and other factors, the search and rescue work did not go smoothly, but the officers and soldiers who participated in the war overcame many difficulties, did not give up every corner, and did not let go of any clues. The trapped people are deeply buried, and the use of large excavation machinery is likely to cause secondary injury to them. In order to protect the trapped people to the greatest extent, many times, rescue officers and soldiers can only use small manual rescue tools such as shovel and hoe to excavate

after nearly 20 hours of excavation and demolition by armed police fire officers and soldiers, at about 6:38 on the 23rd, the first survivor of the landslide accident in Shenzhen was finally rescued. At this time, 67 hours have passed since the disaster occurred, and there is a saying of "golden 72 hours" in the rescue field. During this period, the survival rate of victims is very high. Every additional piece of soil or land dug can give the injured a chance to breathe and live

the rescue is still going on against the clock. We pray that more people lost contact at the site of Guangming landslide will be saved. We also wish that similar disasters will be far away from the city we live in from now on

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