The most used infusion bottles still need to be re

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Used infusion bottles still need to be recycled at a unified fixed point through the demand research on enterprises and technicians

yesterday, a woman sitting in twenty or thirty boxes of used infusion bottles kept prying the bottle cap with scissors near the entrance of a hospital in Wuchang (as shown in the figure). A woman said that the bottle was picked up from the hospital. The aluminum cap can be sold for "more than ten yuan a kilo", and the bottle can also be sold for money. We saw that some infusion bottles still contained liquid, and yellowing cotton balls and plastic bags of disposable infusion tubes were thrown on the ground. In this regard, the health department said that if the unsterilized infusion bottle is stripped off at the beginning of the sample to become a tableware, there is a considerable potential food hygiene safety hazard. The used infusion bottle sesame oil has been used in other places, so it still needs to be recycled at a unified fixed point. However, cotton balls and disposable medical supplies contaminated by patients' body fluids are all medical wastes, which need to be treated more strictly by professional departments and supplemented with samples to replace the waste samples. It is common to see that the aluminum shovel is broken when cooking, the shovel is broken when digging, and the pickaxe is divided into two when digging

source: Jingchu

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