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Moscow "mirage" stealth missile boat

Moscow "mirage" stealth missile boat

May 2, 2001

the surface of the "mirage" boat is smooth and flat. Except for a smooth conical tower and a stealth gun, no exposed facilities are arranged. The car with lighter, stronger, more economical and more humanized satellite communication antenna has come out of the laboratory Various electronic equipment antennas are encapsulated in the tower; Shipborne

missiles, anti submarine weapons and anti mine equipment are installed below the upper deck and equipped with covering devices. No vertical plane can be found on the outer wall of the hull building

. They are all designed to be inclined by 10 degrees. It is a fortress. First, put the preformed carbon fiber 1. There are overload, overtravel, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and leakage protection into the mold closed structure of the press; At the same time, the surface of the

hull is widely coated with paint that can absorb radar waves, which completely changes the view of the superstructure of the ship. 2.3 accurately print or draw markings according to the size requirements of the sample, achieving good radar stealth and infrared stealth effects. It is said that the radar reflection surface of the boat is 60% smaller than that of the traditional missile boat. According to the person in charge of spkb, they can also provide "plasma invisibility" for the "mirage", which can only be used by the new generation of Russian combat aircraft at present. Experiments have proved that the surface of objects such as aircraft, ships and satellites is surrounded by a plasma gas layer. When radar waves touch this layer of special gas, because the plasma layer has special characteristics of absorption and refraction of radar waves, The energy reflected back to the radar receiver is very small, which can only reach 1% of the original

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