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Mornsun company took the lead in launching encapsulated module power supply

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mornsun company took the lead in launching the encapsulated module power supply, which is referred to as ADP series for short. This series of products adopts advanced encapsulated packaging technology, and the product size is only 27*8*5mm, accounting for only about 25% of the original product volume, which is the smallest in the same series of products in the industry. This series of products has good heat dissipation performance, and the encapsulated materials are all flame-retardant materials. The encapsulated module power supply greatly saves space and meets the application requirements The domain has strict requirements for the ultra small size of the module power supply. The biggest advantage of ADP series module power supply is that it has the function of adjustable output voltage, thin size and short length. This series of products is the reverse dc/dc module power supply. This series of dc/dc modules can adjust the output voltage according to the circuit requirements. It is an original technology in the industry. This technology was unprecedented in China before. This technology surpasses the previous conventional products and has the international advanced level. Reversing the dc/dc module power supply meets the application fields that need negative voltage startup, and makes the dc/dc module products successfully extend to digital products. The following table lists the standard experimental measurement system that enables the new chromatographic column yes, and the automatic zeroing conditions open up another new path for the dc/dc module power supply

scope of application: LCD

wide voltage input tension machine adopts micro DC servo motor as the power source: 4.5-5.5vdc

output voltage: -12 ~ -24vdc/25ma

rated output power: 0.6 pass height customizable design w

international standard pin mode

flame retardant packaging, meeting the requirements of ul94-v0

low temperature rise, natural air cooling, There is no need to add heat sink

there is no need to add components, it can be used directly

it can be directly welded to PCB

the output voltage is adjustable

mtbf 3.5 million hours (25 ℃)

in order to ensure the service life and reliability of the product, you can choose to use wide voltage series or voltage stabilizing series products according to the product requirements. If you need help, you are warmly welcome to call us at any time, and our engineers will provide you with professional technical services

product patent protection counterfeiting must be investigated

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