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The moon cake war is gradually starting. Merchants expand the market and think about packaging.

every Mid Autumn Festival, the "luxury clothing" of moon cakes is always a hot topic and is widely criticized. A few days ago, Bing Fen Lu visited almost all the restaurants, hotels and restaurants in Nanning that produce moon cakes. He felt that the luxury of moon cake packaging was becoming more and more popular, "real gold and silver", famous cigarettes, wine and tea had also become the foil of some moon cakes

"real gold and silver" "create" moon cakes

it is more than a month before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, and the "moon cake war" in Yongcheng is gradually starting. In the interview, we saw that real gold and silver, such as Gold Kirin, alloy relief crafts, alloy technology cake cutting plate, gold knife and fork, have become accessories of some local moon cakes in Nanning this year

at about 3:00 p.m. on the 26th, I saw the moon cake sales point of a hotel on Xinmin Road, Nanning. It was published on the price list at the gate of the business point. The price of the moon cake named "the sun and the moon shine" was 2380 yuan. A salesperson here told me that this is the most expensive moon cake in the hotel, with the price as high as 2380 yuan/box. The reason why the price of this moon cake is high is that this moon cake is accompanied by a golden unicorn, which makes the "sun and moon shine", and it is a good gift

at the moon cake sales center of a hotel on Minsheng Road, I saw the highest priced moon cake in Nanning this year - "Chinese full moon", with a price of 2800 yuan/box. A female salesperson surnamed Li said that the "Chinese full moon" includes ice and snow purple rice moon and shark fin moon (200g × 1, 100g × 7), alloy float comprehensive evaluation whether it meets national standards or relevant regulations of the industry, eight carving process boxes, one alloy process cake cutting plate, a set of gold knives and forks, and a beautiful album of the mid autumn festival full moon

when asked who would be willing to buy such expensive moon cakes to eat, the male salesperson on the side replied, "if you buy them yourself, you don't need to buy such expensive moon cakes. If you buy them as gifts, it's decent. Even month 2. Fatigue testing machine can simulate various environments. The cake box is also made of mahogany, and 2800 yuan is not expensive."

rosewood cake box inlaid with dragon and carved Phoenix

as the hotel's moon cake salesperson said, this year's moon cakes in Nanning are not only innovative in stuffing, but also painstakingly packaged. In addition to the traditional iron box, carton, brocade box packaging, there are also fashionable bamboo baskets, wooden boxes, rattan baskets and other packaging. The "Chinese full moon" of Minsheng Road Hotel is made of rosewood, and the moon cake box inlaid with dragon and carved Phoenix, The metal ornaments inlaid glitter in the light

China Moon Festival (b) made by a hotel on Chaoyang Road, 1115 grams, plus one ginseng and one tea, one red pagoda mountain, and a 350ml bottle of Martell, selling price 888 yuan; Yicai gift box, 740 grams, a box of four moon cakes: double yellow white lotus, coconut fragrant Rong, barbecue Wu Ren, papaya milk, another can of famous tea, a bottle of Wuliangye per kilogram, selling price of 918 yuan; Huangyue (c), a box of four moon cakes: two shark fins, two abalones, and another bottle of Feitian Moutai. The selling price is 888 yuan. According to the salesperson, another golden moon and silver moon is in the process of brewing, and the selling price will be more than 1000 yuan after it is made. Although there are only a few boxes of moon cakes, they are all packed in a large and exquisite box with a bright yellow Satin inside, which looks very imposing. After a careful look, I found that consumers spent a lot of money on boxes

I saw in a hotel on Jiangnan Road in Nanning that the hotel has opened a special moon cake sales hall, which is very luxurious. On the left side of the entrance is the service desk and a long row of moon cake display cabinets, in which white porcelain plates are used to place the hotel's various moon cakes. There are many exquisite moon cake gift boxes on the right booth and cabinet rack. Most of these gift boxes are based on bright red and yellow. The appearance decoration has a romantic style specially designed for lovers, with striking black-and-white collocation, antique decorations, etc. These gift boxes are particularly high-end and elegant under the lighting effect

According to a young lady surnamed Huang, the gift box of moon cakes in this hotel has nearly 30 specifications ranging from 28 to 798 yuan. In addition to moon cakes, most of the gift boxes are equipped with tea and wine, among which the more expensive specifications are Maotai, black brand foreign wine, Napoleon artillery car, Hennessy XO, dry white, crystal horse and oolong tea

Miss Huang said that a bottle of Hennessy XO is estimated to cost more than 200 yuan. For example, in the China Festival fun super large gift box with a price of 518 yuan, the eight hardcover signboard moon cakes are valued at more than 100 yuan, and the black brand foreign wine is estimated to cost more than 200 yuan. The gift box with a price of 798 yuan is equipped with four signature moon cakes, a bottle of Maotai and a tube of Oolong tea. However, according to the price of moon cakes produced by the hotel, the price of four moon cakes will not exceed 100 yuan. The autumn moon story gift box with a price of 388 yuan is equipped with 6 moon cakes and a box of tea, as well as a set of high-grade tea set

according to the moon cake profile provided by the staff of a large hotel on Minzu Avenue in Nanning, there is a tea gift box in the "shenglongxiang Heyue" worth 238 yuan, in addition to "coffee month" and "Narcissus walnut month". Among the two moon cakes worth 278 yuan, one "coconut flavored egg yolk crisp moon" has a foreign wine gift box, and the other "hometown thick crisp moon" has a crystal wine glass in addition to a bottle of red wine

in the introduction, we can see that among the moon cakes produced by the hotel, the highest price is a "Shenglong gold medal kitchen emperor month" worth 1980 yuan, which is marked with "shark fin ham month + gold foil month + Moon seal". The female staff member told that the moon seal is just a handicraft, and she is not very clear about what the gold foil month is, because it has not been produced yet. Another 1680 yuan "Shenglong best chef" is introduced with "shark fin ham moon + Daoguang 25 (Baijiu)"

at a hotel on Youai South Road in Nanning, a manager surnamed Tan warmly received your visit. When I opened the brochure of moon cakes handed over by manager Tan, I saw moon cakes with different prices, such as 728 yuan, 628 yuan, 518 yuan, 580 yuan, etc. Moon cakes with more than 200 yuan are packed with different wines. For example, the "Mid Autumn Festival gift box" with 580 yuan contains a bottle of 7 liang of Maotai wine, the "colorful gift box" with 288 yuan contains a large dry red wine, and the "jinfengyuan gift box" with 728 yuan contains a red Tashan cigarette in addition to 7 liang of Maotai wine. The cheapest "jinfengyuan Miriam" is 65 yuan/box, which contains two white lotus, red lotus, taro and Wu Ren with barbecue, a total of 750 grams. Manager Tan said that after choosing a moon cake, you can also discuss the price. The hotel can also send someone to negotiate

uncover the profits of high priced moon cakes

a box of moon cakes can range from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Where are the mooncakes

president Zheng of a hotel in Nanning told frankly that the moon cake itself was expensive on the packaging. A few years ago, the packaging of moon cakes was just ordinary plastic boxes and cardboard boxes. But in recent years, the design has become more and more exquisite. Some moon cake enterprises even launched the outer packaging of red sandalwood. It is estimated that the packaging box of this moon cake with a price of more than 500 yuan alone will cost about 200 yuan

president Zheng introduced the composition of filling cost of moon cakes by taking the production of lotus moon cakes as an example: "On the market, high-quality flour is 1.50 yuan to 1.80 yuan per 500 grams, lotus paste stuffing is 5.80 yuan to 6.20 yuan per 500 grams, and if there are still unqualified 0 grams of ingredients, 3 yuan to 3.50 yuan per 50 grams, syrup is 2 yuan/500 grams, oil is 3 yuan/500 grams. In this way, the cost of raw materials for high-grade lotus paste moon cakes per 500 grams is only 6 yuan. Even if you add the factor of rising raw material prices this year, the cost of raw materials will not be much higher by raising 30%. Its actual cost is far less than that of packaging." Its box. "

take the double yellow lotus moon cake as an example, roughly calculate the cost of the manufacturer. Xianglian with better lotus seed: 11500 yuan per ton, with an average of 11.5 yuan per kilogram; Egg yolks with a better weight of about two yuan, three or four yuan: 1 yuan each; Better peanut oil: about 20 yuan per kilogram. According to the quantity of 4 pieces in a box, the ingredient quantity is about 1kg lotus seed paste, about 11.5 yuan; Two yolks, about 2 yuan; Add the cost of sugar, oil, flour and packaging, and then get the docid list in the index library. The total is no more than 25 yuan. Get a rough estimate of the production cost, compare the price of 70 yuan, it seems that you can get a profit margin of 180% of the moon cake. In the moon cake market, there are "Four Beauties" including double yellow lotus seed, single yellow lotus seed, double yellow white lotus seed, and single yellow white lotus seed. Gifts "match" and "match" are popular. Gifts include top-grade tea, abalone, ginseng, bird's nest, foreign wine, etc., with prices ranging from 200 to 1000 yuan. In addition to the profits on moon cakes, the added value of gifts is amazing

in a hotel on Chaoyang Road, the most expensive bulk moon cakes are spicy beef (salty), sugar free osmanthus lotus seed paste, and golden quicksand. These three kinds are 58 yuan per 500 grams, and 129.34 yuan if 1115 grams. Then the price of the moon cake of Huayue Festival (b) with a selling price of 888 yuan should be only 129.34 yuan, and the remaining 758.66 yuan is the money for gifts and packaging

high priced cakes are favored by the group consumption

high-end moon cakes are used for human relations rather than for eating. The high-end moon cakes are renovated every year, and their stuffing composition has not changed much. Instead, the packaging is becoming more and more high-end, bringing the continuous prosperity of the packaging market behind them

in the interview, many people reported that moon cakes are expensive and are becoming more and more affordable. Mr. Feng from Nanning workers' Cultural Palace said that according to the usual box of four moon cakes, the selling price of double yellow lotus on the market is about 60 yuan, which is equivalent to 15 yuan per moon cake. If a moon cake is divided into four portions, one bite at a time, it will bite down 3.75 yuan per bite, which is almost equal to the price of a kilo and a half of fat and lean pork. For ordinary people, a box of moon cakes worth hundreds or even thousands of yuan, few people can afford to buy back a box for a large family to taste on the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival

but judging from the current moon cake market, such moon cakes are not uncommon. High priced moon cakes account for almost half of the hotel's output. Where is the market for high priced moon cakes? It is understood that at present, most of Nanning moon cakes are digested by the group's consumption forms, especially the high priced moon cakes, which is also the main reason why the price of moon cakes is far higher than the value. According to insiders, the current practice of businesses is mainly to rely on "kickbacks" or profit making. Some moon cake production enterprises seek acquaintances to sell through relationships. After a business is done, the "reward" is naturally not low

in the interview, when a hotel proposed to order 100 moon cakes of 198 yuan a box, the receptionist made it clear that 2000 yuan could be rebated. Moreover, the higher the price of mooncakes ordered, the greater the rebate space

the pain of the "garbage peak" after the festival

cartons, log boxes, wood-based panel boxes, calcium plastic boxes, iron boxes, bamboo boxes, large boxes with small boxes inside, large boxes with large paper bags outside... It is not too much to use "one kilogram of walnut and four kilogram of shell" to describe the excessive packaging of Nanning moon cake market this year. At the Mid Autumn Festival, the voice of opposition to the over packaging of moon cakes is heard year after year, but we can see that the over packaging of moon cakes has not decreased, but intensified

why is it so difficult to "slim down" moon cake packaging

Mr. Li, who retired from the position of deputy director of Nanning Regional Bureau of Commerce, said: in the past, the outer packaging of moon cakes generally did not exceed the value of moon cakes. In the 1990s, the value ratio of the outer packaging of ordinary mooncakes to the in box mooncakes became 1:1, and that of luxury mooncakes reached 2:1. Now, a box of hardcover moon cakes

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