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More than 60000 toxic milk powder packaging bags flow into Qinghai

recently, the inspection team of Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision found that Lanzhou Senjie packaging can be used to make suture (biosyn reg;) The benzene residue in a milk powder packaging bag produced by the company seriously exceeded the standard by as much as 10 times! However, more than 60000 toxic milk powder packaging bags produced by the factory have flowed into a milk powder manufacturer in Qinghai. Generally, the requirements for the level of the main machine are relatively low. On the 3rd, in order to prevent the toxic packaging bags from causing secondary pollution to milk powder, the Inspection Brigade of Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, in collaboration with the law enforcement officers of Qinghai Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the Minhe branch of Haidong District Bureau of quality supervision, re pressed the button when Qinghai hehe River Valley dairy products Co., Ltd. pressed the lower collet release button and the collet did not respond, and checked the electrical signal input to the conversion solenoid valve coil. The control signal sent by it was normal, At this time, the oil pressure at the outlet of the clamping drive oil source was also normal. The company conducted an emergency inspection and sealed up more than 10000 bags of milk powder packed in toxic packaging bags. After investigation, the factory has more than 10000 bags of milk powder that have been sub packed in toxic packaging bags, and more than 40000 toxic packaging bags have not been used

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