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More than 200 customers start the "g generation" boom in Nanning again, listen to what these people say

more than 200 customers start the "g generation" boom in Nanning again, listen to what these people say

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"grass lasts through winter but does not wither, and flowers do not often bloom in spring". It is difficult to refuse the infinite yearning of "green city" Nanning all the year round with green trees, flowers and grass! With the continuous integration of the economic circles of South China, Southwest China and Southeast Asia, this ancient multi-ethnic border city with a long history is glowing with new vitality

on October 26, 2017, in Nanning, the first generation crane of XCMG g, which attracted much attention, landed in the world. More than 200 Guangxi elite customers gathered together to appreciate the high-end value of g generation products "scientific and technological intelligence, green energy conservation, quality and efficiency, ultra-high performance", and witness the legend again

welcome ceremony with unique national characteristics

am 8:00 get up at 3 a.m. and drive 300 kilometers just to see the style of generation g

at 8 a.m., the peace of Xiangsi Lake has changed in the past. Against the first ray of dawn, X XCMG g generation cranes stand majestically and shine. Dozens of XCMG "iron fans" arrived at the scene early and looked up and down around their long cherished g-generation crane. A Zhuang user in the crowd even sat in the control room to feel the comfort of generation g in advance. It is understood that this user is from Liuzhou and has long been interested in g-generation cranes. In order to participate in the exhibition, he got up at 3 a.m. and drove with his wife. It took him 300 kilometers and four hours

for professional hoisters, every car of generation G is exciting

am Evonik industrial group is helping to improve road safety through signs based on low-temperature plastic. 9:00 to ensure that each crane plays the most efficient role, generation g service engineers must answer

in the hoisting circle in Guangxi, XCMG crane has a high degree of recognition. In addition to excellent product performance, after-sales service has also been praised by users. As the largest hoisting company in Southwest China, liaoxuekun, chairman of Guangxi Xiexin hoisting, attended the meeting. Liao, who has been engaged in cranes for many years, is finally one of the best hoisting entrepreneurs in China. His cooperation with XCMG for many years has allowed him to accumulate rich experience in equipment management. XCMG's efficient service made him boldly show his strength in various projects. "Timely, efficient and highly skilled" is his high praise for XCMG's service engineer team. Nowadays, the emergence of g generation has given Xiexin a new plan and outlook for the future hoisting prospect. General manager Liao believes that this g-generation meeting will definitely set off a g-generation upsurge in the hoisting industry in Guangxi

am 10:00 big coffee gathered, g generation micro detonated the challenge on the scene

g Neng big coffee "ring of kings" challenge was imminent. Through online and offline registration, 17 hoisting big coffee met as scheduled by the Acacia lake. It is conceivable that it is difficult to operate such a delicate skill project with a crane. In the process of lifting, turning and dropping hooks again and again, xct25 showed excellent inching, which won bursts of applause and cheers from the audience. One of the contestants said that although my best performance was not the best, I gained a lot from this competition. I just heard about the performance of the g generation before. After I operated it myself today, I felt that the "God car" in the hoisting industry was well-known and deserved its name

am 11:00 new Internet thinking makes hoisting smarter and more worry-free

at the meeting, XCMG lifting and e-commerce platform experts introduced, which resonated with the whole audience. Users said that XCMG lifting service platform helped them solve the long-standing problems of "difficult to manage cars", "difficult to find jobs", "difficult to find people" and so on. It can be described as a handheld crane management expert. Without leaving home, the state of their equipment can be seen at a glance, which is very convenient. XCMG crane mall uses "Internet +" to open the space-time boundary, shorten the circulation link, improve the communication efficiency, help users expand information channels, use light and high-strength foam products to directly connect with manufacturers, reduce users' additional costs, and quickly buy genuine spare parts

am 12:00 g builds your success, and six g-generation cranes are delivered to customers

"from driving the crane to buying the crane by myself, I have been accompanied by XCMG for more than 10 years. XCMG's 100 ton crane has always been my dream. Today, I not only realize my dream, but also unforgettable that I have the best g-generation! Thank XCMG, and I hope that in the future hoisting industry, g-generation can open up a wider road for me!" Xct110 owner Gao Fengbo expressed his feelings and feelings of simplicity and dream pursuit. As long as you work hard enough, g generation will realize their dreams for more people with dreams

Mr. Sun Jun, general manager of XCMG hoisting machinery division in South China, said in his speech: XCMG g generation has richer connotation: it is a high-end upgraded equipment with "high value, high safety, high efficiency and sustainability" that focuses on the transformation needs of Chinese users eager to break through the "medium and low-end" competitive pressure. We firmly believe that g-generation crane will create unprecedented value for the country, industry and users. It will help all XCMG user friends on site to succeed and become a well deserved pioneer of the times

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