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More than 500 sub venue activities helped heat up the smart robots of Shenzhen ICIF

China news, May 19 - the 9th Shenzhen ICIF was held in Shenzhen from the 17th to the 20th. 43 sub venues were identified for this ICIF, and more than 500 colorful activities such as cultural exhibitions, trade fairs, forums and so on were held

the sub venue of ICIF is an important part of ICIF, which greatly increases the overall brilliance of ICIF, and plays a great role in increasing the overall radiation of ICIF, enriching the content and form of ICIF, increasing transaction volume, and driving the development of local cultural industry

with the theme of creating change, the Shenzhen design Industrial Park sub venue meticulously launched nearly 20 Creative Design Culture Expo activities. At the same time, the national working conference of young designers, the fourth China industrial design contribution award and star fingerprint award ceremony, and the unveiling ceremony of 2013 Tsinghua international design management conference also appeared at the sub venue

at the same time, 2 Zhengzhou National Intellectual Property Design Industrial Park with rich functions also held an investment signing ceremony. At the event site, a number of well-known Shenzhen design enterprises represented by Langjian, Dingdian, jialantu, etc. signed a settlement agreement with Zhengzhou National Intellectual Property Design Industrial Park to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment, so as to further promote the excellent design of Shenzhen to the whole country and seize the development opportunity

as one of the branch activities, the historical and cultural product design exhibition of nantoucheng museum with Shenzhen characteristics displays the excellent historical and cultural products collected by nantoucheng Museum in the form of pictures + words, so as to promote designers' understanding and understanding of the roots of Shenzhen's history and culture, and encourage them to test the stretching, contraction and twists of fire-proof materials, which absorb the essence of Shenzhen's excellent traditional culture creation

Shenzhen industrial design boutique exhibition the local industrial design boutique exhibition is also one of the highlights of this session. Design companies from Shenzhen design Industrial Park and member units of the design Federation gathered together to select the latest, most creative and most representative works exhibition of Shenzhen industrial design level

More than 30 10 billion projects, such as Oriental film metropolis and China Railway Qingdao World Expo City, accelerated their emergence

at the branch venue, the interactive links were popular with the public. The interactive experience activities such as intelligent robot performance and one-man Symphony provided by Guangzhou boster Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen domiso Technology Co., Ltd. made the public happy

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