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Compared with previous years, this year's Mid Autumn Festival will be the first three-day holiday included in the legal holiday. Although it is nearly two months from September 14, the annual moon cake promotion war is already under intense planning

it is reported that Budweiser, Zhengzhou Imperial Palace Hotel and other pioneers have held the 2008 moon cake new product launch last week, and other brand businesses have also been gearing up, and a moon cake war is imminent

it is worth noting that with the successive introduction of two national standards, namely, food and cosmetics and food stuffing, which restrict excessive packaging of goods, there will be a lot of moon cakes this year: moon cakes have to take off their gorgeous clothes and adopt simpler packaging

the fruit moon cake should also use real fruit when using materials, and it is not allowed to fool consumers with the concept. However, when asked whether the price of moon cakes this autumn is affordable, businesses are dodging or mysterious. According to industry insiders, due to the sharp increase in cost price, the rise in the price of moon cakes this year is certain, and the increase is expected to be 10% to 30%

● eating moon cakes is no longer eating paper boxes

drinking paper boxes is a quite popular slogan newly created by a Baijiu brand, which says that the brand's Baijiu has abandoned flashy packaging boxes, and what consumers buy home is no longer flashy packaging layers after layers, but real wine. I learned that, driven by the new national standard, this simple style of packaging without paper boxes will also be reflected in the new moon cake products this autumn

at the new product launch of 2008 moon cakes held by Budweiser moon cakes last week, we saw that the packaging of ordinary moon cakes and gift box moon cakes are more concise than in previous years. The packaging box is mainly carton, and the iron box is high-grade packaging material. The moon cakes in the box are closely packed together, and several layers of moon cakes are stacked together in the basket shaped package, with a small gap

lizhigang, the person in charge of the brand, told: the new national standard has been launched. This autumn's moon cakes can no longer use luxurious outer packaging to deceive consumers, which is a good thing for consumers. Moon cakes are more affordable

it is understood that recently, all moon cake manufacturers have received and replied to the draft of the national standard for limiting excessive packaging requirements for food and cosmetics. This next draft for comments is aimed at the packaging of food cakes and pastries: the packaging with more than three layers and too much space violates the national standard

the new national standard will limit the packaging of food in a specific and quantitative way. It will not only put forward requirements for the number of packaging layers, but also for commodity sales. We have developed a kind of a made of recycled automobile dashboard. However, in this statistical electronic tension machine, the ratio of unnecessary space volume in BS wire and pet wire packaging made of plastic bottles to the volume of commodity sales packaging (i.e. packaging porosity) is specified. For moon cakes, excluding the initial packaging that directly contacts the food, the number of packaging layers cannot exceed 3, the packaging void ratio is 55%, and the sum of the heat sealing strength performance price of all packaging costs cannot exceed 12% of the commodity sales price. The mandatory national standard for moon cakes previously implemented stipulates that the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. The new national standard is more stringent on moon cake packaging

the relevant person in charge of jiutouya moon cakes revealed that the unit price of traditional flavor moon cakes such as Dousha, jujube mud and Wuren is low. If the packaging cost according to the new national standard can only reach 12% of the price of moon cakes at most, it is difficult to make gift box products for such low-cost moon cakes, but in fact, such moon cakes are very popular among citizens

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