The hottest moon cakes in Hainan were stopped

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Hainan: the sky high price moon cakes have been suspended

the first national standard in China to make mandatory provisions on packaging, the mandatory national standard for moon cakes, has been officially implemented. This afternoon, the departments of Commerce, quality supervision, industry and commerce, health and other departments of Hainan Province and more than 80 enterprises selling moon cakes held a symposium on the new standard

it is reported that the new standard has made strict provisions on the luxury packaging and excessive packaging of moon cakes that can be concerned according to user requirements. The "sky high price" moon cakes that were once popular in the market will be hard to find this year

luxury packaging has been suspended

in recent years, the luxury and luxury packaging of moon cakes has aroused the vigilance of the whole society. Last July, several ministries and commissions of the state issued an announcement to renovate luxury moon cakes. However, since the packaging boxes of many manufacturers had been produced when the announcement was issued, luxury moon cakes still accounted for a considerable proportion last year. In the past moon cake spot check, the quality supervision department found that the packaging cost of some moon cakes has accounted for 70% of the total cost, and even exceeded the cost of moon cakes. Many moon cake gift boxes contain valuable red wine, tea and other commodities

the new standard has made strict restrictions on packaging. For example, it is required that the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes. In view of the statement that some manufacturers think this standard is too strict, the regulatory authorities believe that compared with European and American countries, this regulation has been very loose, and they hope that manufacturers can actively cooperate; It is required that the sales packaging volume of each kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9000 cubic centimeters, which has stopped the manufacturers from tying them at will

Lianrong moon cake can't be called

"in the past, maybe you called pure Lianrong moon cake or Lianrong moon cake. No one studied it carefully, and you can't scream under the new standard." Chen Shifan, deputy director of the standardization department of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said that recently, many enterprises used to do tricks on stuffing in order to reduce costs. Some moon cakes are clearly marked with lotus seed moon cakes, but the content of lotus seeds is actually quite low

if there are still enterprises that want to play such a marginal game this year, it will obviously not work. The new standard clearly stipulates that the content of lotus seeds in the filling materials other than oil and sugar of the moon cake called lotus seed moon cake shall not be less than 60%. If it is called pure lotus seed moon cake, the content of lotus seeds must be 100%. Similarly, the content of chestnut in chestnut moon cakes shall not be less than 60%

eat moon cakes plainly

in the past, many moon cake manufacturers used innovative names, strange names such as "seven stars with the moon" and "rich moon cakes" or used corporate trademarks to mark moon cakes. In the new standard, it is required that while marking these names, they must also indicate the accurate name that indicates the true attribute of the product if the waterproof fails and is not repaired

when several kinds of moon cakes are mixed in a box, the specific names of all moon cakes in the box must be indicated, and the production date is subject to the production date of the earliest moon cake. The ingredients list can be a total ingredients list including all products, or the respective ingredients list of each product can be used

information source: Hainan

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