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More pulp manufacturers announced price adjustment (I)

the time has entered April, and all pulp manufacturers also hope to make some gains in price

IP, SSCC and Domtar announced price adjustments last week. Before it, Brazil Aracruz fiber company, Spain ence company, Sweden s? DRA cell and other overseas eucalyptus pulp and birch pulp manufacturers, as well as p w and Fraser in North America, have announced price adjustments

industry insiders disclosed the new price of IP for North America, Europe and Japan. The company said that these new prices "may be reasonable", but did not disclose details. According to this well-informed person, the southern wood pulp price of IP in these three regions has increased, but the price adjustment of northern wood varieties is limited to North America

the price of IP for Southern wood pulp in North America, Europe and Japan in April is as follows:

Southern bleached cork kraft pulp (SBSK): 430 US dollars/metric ton

Southern bleached hardwood kraft pulp (sbhk): 410 us dollars/metric ton

the new price of northern wood pulp is only for North America, which is the first high-temperature resistant High strength special engineering plastics:

North bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK at this time, the control of the hot melt viscosity of rubber and plastic materials is extremely important): 470 US dollars/metric ton

North bleached hardwood kraft pulp (nbhk): 430 US dollars/metric ton

it is said that IP will also increase its offer to South Korea by 30 US dollars/metric ton

ip's two NBSK plants are located in Hinton, Alberta, and Quesnel, BC, with daily production capacities of 1200 metric tons and 935 metric tons, respectively. It is the first company to announce the adjustment of NBSK price in April

the price of NBSK in the U.S. market reached $460/MT in March, and this variety is in good supply in the United States and other markets. Last week, the benchmark price of European NBSK provided by Finland's Foex company fell slightly to US $433.71/mt. According to Foex, the current common price is slightly $430/mt, rather than the previous $440/Mt

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