The hottest Moscow metro project adds new impetus

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With the continuous roar, the shield machine manufactured by China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), under the control of Chinese staff, began the first official tunneling in the "Amini" work area in the southwest section of the third transfer loop of Moscow metro, and then measured the size of the output, which was north-south opposite to another Chinese shield machine that started tunneling in June this year, With a view to meeting in March next year

husnurin, deputy mayor of Moscow, attended the excavation ceremony of the "Amini" work area on the 15th. In his speech, he said: "three years since the launch of this subway project, the engineering plans formulated by Russia and China have been implemented. The shield machine that starts tunneling today will further accelerate the progress of the project, which is conducive to the completion of the whole subway project in two years."

Zhao Jinhua, chief economist of China Railway Construction Corporation, showed that the shield machine in the "Amini" work area started its journey of endeavor, promoting new progress in this project that witnessed the friendship between China and Russia

the Chinese and Russian guests attending the ceremony held a "bottle throwing ceremony" to start the tunneling - a bottle of champagne was smashed on the shield machine shell, which was asked to improve the recycling capacity of vehicles under the European Vehicle reimbursement law. Compared with the customers, they all wanted to know very much, and then the cutter head, front shield, middle shield, tail shield and screw machine of the shield machine were started in turn, moving forward from the tunnel mouth in the rumble

husnurin said that the two Chinese shield machines moving north and south is a phased victory achieved by Russia and China in this project, which provides a solid guarantee for the next stage of work and is of great significance

tulovov, general manager of Metro division 9 of the Moscow Academy of engineering, who is responsible for cooperating with China to promote the project, said, "this Moscow metro project is another example of friendly cooperation between Russia and China, and I am proud of my participation in this project. At the same time, I highly evaluate China's professionalism, and Chinese engineers are high-level experts. I look forward to continuing to learn from each other and deepen cooperation with Chinese counterparts in the future construction work."

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