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Overseas revenue increased by 66.5%, and "Sany of the world" is accelerating its rise

overseas revenue increased by 66.5%, and "Sany of the world" is accelerating its rise

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Guide: Sany heavy industry, which hopes to increase the proportion of international sales to 35% in 2016, is getting closer to this goal. Data show that in the first half of this year, this proportion has reached 24.6%, and the heavy lifting machinery sector has reached 36%, reaching the standard in advance. On August 30, Sany Heavy Industry released the 2013 and a half

Sany Heavy Industry, which hopes to increase the proportion of international sales to 35% in 2016, is getting closer and closer to this goal. Data show that in the first half of this year, this proportion has reached 24.6%, and the heavy lifting machinery sector has reached 36%, reaching the standard in advance

on August 30, Sany Heavy Industry released its 2013 semi annual report, which showed that despite the challenge of trade friction, the internationalization of the company further accelerated and became the biggest highlight of the company in the past six months

from the perspective of specific performance distribution, affected by the weakness of the domestic market, although the main business income of Sany Heavy Industry fell by 41.1%, the internationalization as the "third venture" of the company achieved remarkable results, recording a year-on-year increase of 66.5%. This shows that with the further construction and improvement of the overseas marketing service system, the "world's Trinity" has accelerated its rise

"R & D competition" has become a magic weapon for Sany to win in the international market, and it is also another highlight of its semi annual report this year. Recently, the author learned from Sany Heavy Industry that its "8" series of new products such as C8 pump truck, a8 mortar master wet mixing equipment and V8 concrete equipment launched this year have achieved good repercussions in domestic and foreign markets

the board of directors of Sany Heavy Industry pointed out that "controlling risks, grasping the market, reducing costs and selecting talents" are still the business priorities at present and in the future, which is also the key measure for the company to get out of the industry trough and win the future market

new breakthrough in internationalization

poor cohesiveness. In the past six months, the domestic economy has entered the transformation mode in the slowdown of growth, and the construction machinery industry has also entered the "era of medium growth". When there are too many oxide skins listed in many industries that have issued semi annual reports, the net profit of the companies fell by nearly 50%

the performance of Sany Heavy Industry is basically consistent with the industry. It is noteworthy that its growth in the international market has reached nearly 70%

"if there is no internationalization, Sany is at most a larger self-employed." Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, once sighed like this. Based on this, internationalization is known as the company's third venture after its first venture in the 1980s and 1990s and the second venture of Liang Wengen's "dual entry strategy" (entering big cities and big industries) in 1994

since 2002, in the more than 10 years of opening up overseas markets, Sany Heavy Industry has been knocking on the door to world-class enterprises time and again by relying on the localization of products and talents and the "double convergence strategy" of focusing on products and markets. In 2012, Sany's self operated export increased by more than 30%, and its sales in overseas markets exceeded 10billion yuan for the first time, showing its internationalization strategy and printing the experimental data and the average value of the experiment, officially entering the harvest period

however, in the process of internationalization, Sany Heavy Industry has continuously encountered trade frictions such as project investment obstruction, "337 patent investigation". Up to now, the case against Obama over whether the wind farm investment project was approved is still in progress, and the company is also actively responding to the "337 patent investigation" initiated by the United States

in this case, Sany Heavy Industry still performs quite well in the international market. In the first six months, its international sales revenue reached 5.439 billion yuan, an increase of 66.5% over the same period last year, accounting for 24.6% of the company's total sales revenue. Among them, Sany United States increased by 55.8% over the same period last year; Sany Asia Pacific increased by 90.1% over the same period last year; The sales volume of Putzmeister after integration is 2.66 billion yuan

according to the semi annual report, Sany's excavators, cranes and other products have made great progress in the localization of strategic markets such as India and Brazil. International sales of truck cranes increased by 44.3% over the same period last year, especially in strategic emerging markets such as Brazil and the Middle East, which won high praise from the market; Excavator has not only maintained a stable position in emerging markets such as Africa and the Asia Pacific, but also made significant breakthroughs in the U.S. market. Its performance and quality have reached world-class, and has gradually been recognized by the high-end market

statistics show that up to now, Sany has achieved significant results in the construction of overseas dealers' channels, with more than 120. Under the background that the short-term situation of the domestic market is not very clear, Sany executives obviously place high hopes on the international development that the good recyclability of this material can also significantly reduce the waste generated. "By 2016, I hope Sany's international sales will account for 35% of the group's sales." Liang Wengen pointed out that at present, Sany Heavy lifting machinery has achieved 36% of international sales, and other business units are fully capable of achieving this goal through efforts

innovative products become a magic weapon to win

the author understands that R & D innovation is the driving force for Sany to achieve superior performance in the international market

"this year is the year when the board of directors of the group discussed the most research and development." Sany Heavy industry continued to focus on promoting the "a+ plan" in the first half of 2013, launching a number of highly competitive innovative products, enriching the existing product portfolio and greatly enhancing the company's market competitiveness

it is revealed that in the U.S. market, it is relying on top experts to develop new products such as "8" series crawler cranes and off-road tire cranes that adapt to the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and sany United States has achieved profits; In the five major overseas regions such as the Middle East and the Asia Pacific, the company has developed new products and technologies to meet the needs of customers according to the characteristics of each market. In the first half of this year, all regions achieved profits

even in the domestic market, the "8" series of new products has become a highlight. As the first product of cooperation between the two sides after the merger and acquisition of Putzmeister, C8 pump truck, which integrates Chinese and German technology, not only has leading advantages in stability, pumping efficiency and intelligent operation, but also saves more than 10% fuel compared with traditional pump trucks. Sany said that the C8 pump truck launched by heavyweight won strong repercussions in the market and was extremely popular at the 27 new product launch conference

at the same time, the A8 mortar master wet mixing complete equipment pioneered by Sany Heavy Industry in the world has also ushered in a frenzy season. It is revealed that the product can reduce the operation cost by 80%, the construction cost by about 40%, and the construction efficiency by more than 6 times. At an investment promotion ceremony in Wuhan in March this year, 100 orders for this product were snapped up

Another heavy new product of the "8" series is Sany V8 concrete complete equipment, which is suitable for rural narrow road operation. Zhou Wanchun, general manager of the marketing company of Sany pumping division, calculated an account: the V8 concrete complete set of equipment will greatly improve the construction efficiency and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. The quality of concrete poured is stable and reliable. Taking the annual output of 30000 cubic meters of concrete as an example, it can create about 1.64 million yuan of profits for customers every year

some institutional people pointed out that the management has recently released a positive signal that China's economy is still expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 7.5% in 2013, clarifying the specific connotation of "a reasonable range of economic operation": macro-control should ensure that the economic growth rate does not slide out of the "lower limit", and the price increase does not exceed the "upper limit". In this context, the construction machinery industry, which is closely related to macro policies, will remain flat or grow slightly in the short term, and the overall situation of the industry is still optimistic. Sany Heavy Industry, which has been focusing on new products, is expected to reap more R & D and innovation dividends in the second half of the year

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