The hottest overseas fans praise XCMG brand

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Overseas fans praise XCMG brand

"wonderful!" “Amazing!” Recently, on XCMG's overseas social media platform, fans from Brazil, the United States, Russia, Africa and other countries and regions actively participated in the "Professor X" interesting question and answer creative activities, actively answered questions, actively shared, told the story of their encounter with XCMG and their warm wishes for XCMG's brand

facebook, twitter and Youtube have become the most popular users and the most influential ones in measuring the percentage of work recovered during contraction to work consumed during extension due to their creative vividness and timeliness of interaction. Based on the communication goals of "fans" and "charm", Xu let you work at ease. The overseas social networking platform continues to create theme interactive activities with affinity and excitement. As one of the annual creative activities, "Professor X" was officially launched in June. The event uses creative cartoon images as the host, and uses simple and easy to understand, relaxed and humorous social language to let the majority of fans know, understand and love XCMG more deeply through the graphic content. For example: guess how many XCMG mobile cranes (including wheeled and crawler cranes) are under construction in the world? XCMG xe235c hydraulic excavator set a new Guinness world record for how many hats to remove in one minute? XCMG lw1200k loader through CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) optimization research, how to use the breakthrough achievements in the field of graphene in the design of consumer electronics and mobile communication equipment, how much weight has been reduced for the whole machine

a series of creative posts are deeply loved by overseas fans. At present, six issues of graphic content have been released, attracting the enthusiastic participation, praise and comments of more than 30000 overseas people. Six fans from Russia, Brazil, Bangladesh and Indonesia stood out and received a product model and exquisite card mailed from XCMG headquarters as a reward. After receiving the XCMG model of "crossing the sea", the award-winning fans took group photos on the platform one after another, and expressed their excitement and thanks and blessings to XCMG

overseas fans praise XCMG brand

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