The hottest overseas market continues to heat up,

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The overseas market continues to heat up, and the Southeast Asian agents pay another visit to German workers

the overseas market continues to heat up. The Southeast Asian agents pay another visit to German workers

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on February 20, despite the sudden drop in temperature, we will go straight ahead in the cold outdoors, and we will still be unable to stop the enthusiasm of customers. In the morning, German workers formed industrial clusters; Based on the cold-rolled sheet of Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the silicon steel project of Henan Lide energy-saving material, Southeast Asian agents, accompanied by the leaders of the import and export department, conducted training and learning on new products in the conference room. Have a comprehensive understanding of the products of Degong

in addition to loaders, agents are also very interested in Degong road cold regenerators, crushers, and light loaders. Recently, with the recovery of the overseas market and the continuous improvement of the company's popularity abroad, many agents and customers have personally come to the company for on-site investigation and visit

In the afternoon, the agent also visited the production area and made a detailed inquiry about the structure, characteristics and installation of important parts such as the engine, especially in the wiring. In the morning of March 30, the agent carried out a test drive of various models of loaders

through a comprehensive and detailed understanding, the agents have a deeper understanding of German industrial products, and greatly appreciate the company's scale, production and R & D level. The agent said that they would go to the Southeast Asian market in a few days. Through this visit, they decided to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with the company in the next step. (this article is from Degong)

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