At present, the supply of ethylene in Asia is tigh

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At present, the supply of ethylene in Asia is tight.

ethylene in Asia: Although the supply of ethylene in Asia is tight at present, the demand continues to be weak, the market trading is light, and only some high priced ethylene derivatives in the downstream are purchased with appropriate raw materials, and most factories wait and see. Asian ethylene market has limited room to rise, with CFR Northeast Asia closing at 1419 5 dollars/ton, CFR southeast suitable flexible packaging shape Asia closed at 1429 The government issued a standard of $1.5/ton. The Asian ethylene market itself has not changed significantly, and with the phenomenon of stagnation, the unit is still in the maintenance period, and there is no pressure on supply sales

international crude oil: the international energy agency believes that supply continues to exceed demand, US data shows that the economy is improving, the US dollar index is rising, and the attractiveness of commodity futures denominated in US dollars to investors is weakened. The rise of international oil prices this week is weak, and the international oil prices in New York closed at US $60.77/barrel at the weekend; Brent international oil price closed at $65.11/barrel

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