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Overseas star AI manipulator company went bankrupt! It burned up $5.36 million in six years and was once selected into the top 50 robotics companies

smart things. On October 28, another overseas robot company went bankrupt, this time carbon robotics, a San Francisco robot startup. The robot company develops hardware and software at the same time and produces cooperative manipulators

according to several foreign media reports, carbon robotics has entered bankruptcy proceedings and began to sell assets, including five completed and fully functional Katia manipulator arms, software source code, testing equipment and a series of patents

this start-up company, founded in 2014, is located in San Francisco. It was selected as one of the top 50 robotics companies in the world in the 2016 robot business review, and ranked on the same list as abb, FANUC, Dajiang, etc. it is also the finalist of the 2016 CES robotics competition

the two founders of carbon robotics, CEO Rosanna miles and chief technology officer Dan cockham, were listed on the 2016 Forbes list of people under the age of 30. Since its establishment, carbon robotics has received a total of US $5.36 million in financing

▲ carbon robotics co-founder/ceo Rosanna Myers

I. carbon robotics produced the cheapest manipulator in the world

carbon robotics adopted the method of supervising the sale of assets by a third-party company. Martin pichinson, general manager of Sherwood, a consulting company cooperating with carbon robotics, revealed that the board of directors of carbon robotics decided to sell intellectual property rights and physical assets on October 2 this year

in September this year, the information came to the San Francisco headquarters of carbon robotics, but at that time, the company was empty

Rosanna miles once said in public, "we also dream of making our products available to consumers including artists and engineers. Diameter (10 ± 1) mm"

carbon robotics quickly became popular in the robot arm Market in 2016 with advanced technology and low prices, but it was suddenly burst into bankruptcy in just six years, and all assets were packaged and sold

from the disclosed financing situation, carbon robotics did not receive sufficient financing support

since its establishment, carbon robotics has raised a total of US $5.36 million, including US $2million convertible debt risk funds provided by sosv, science and other undisclosed investors

Second, Katia manipulator is flexible in design and suitable for all kinds of scenes

carbon robotics in order to popularize the manipulator like a computer, the price of its flagship product Katia manipulator is set at a very low price of 1995 dollars (about 14090 yuan), which is only one tenth of that of similar products in the market

but don't think that the ability of the manipulator is low at a low price. A key feature of Katia is that users can train it to complete repetitive tasks in 30 minutes, so that the robot can be quickly integrated into the manufacturing line

katia's design flexibility is sufficient to complete various tasks, so it is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb, so it is impossible to obtain the strength limit σ B includes 3D printing, electronic scanning and laser cutting

katia manipulator can also frame cakes

according to the documents sent by the consulting company to potential acquirers, Katia's mechanical design, machine parts, software and electronic products are proprietary

according to the document, the graphics processor used in Katia can understand "goals and intentions" in real time. The robot also includes software that can detect when maintenance is needed

III. the collapse of robot start-ups

start ups and large companies are keen to develop robots that can complete manual work, so as to realize the automation of warehouse work and other functions

last week, O, a startup co founded by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, saw a video released by penai, in which a robot solved the magic cube with one hand, causing a sensation

like carbon robotics, companies that develop hardware and software at the same time face many difficulties

in April this year, anki, an AI robot toy company that raised $200million, announced its bankruptcy, laid off all employees and paid severance pay for more than 200 employees for a week. At that time, Zhidong reported the matter in time. (anki, a robot company favored by apple, closed down due to lack of funds and raised $200million!)

last year, rethink robotics collapsed after burning out $150million from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Goldman Sachs. As a pioneer of collaborative robots, he first introduced the concept of, and launched two star products and in respectively. The collapse of rethink robotics has also been reported in detail. (shock! Rethink, one of the ancestors of collaborative robots, closed down, and Bezos once invested in eight rounds)

conclusion: the knockout competition in the robot arm market began

after the research public experiment, Remy glaisner, an analyst at IDC, said that with the reduction of technical barriers to entering the market, the number of robot arm suppliers has recently "surged"

according to the data of marketsandmarkets, the global industrial robot market is expected to grow from $48.7 billion in 2019 to $75.6 billion in 2024

but more robot start-ups entering the market also means that the competition will also intensify, and the industry's requirements for technology will become higher and higher. Only when the start-up companies really achieve commercial landing can they stand firm in the fierce market competition

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