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Overseas reports: Shantui strongly participated in the South African Mining Exhibition

overseas reports: Shantui strongly participated in the South African Mining Exhibition

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from September 12 to 16, Shantui and South African agents participated in the South African mining products exhibition held in Johannesburg. This exhibition was organized by the local mining association of South Africa, attracting many local and international well-known enterprises in South Africa

Shantui strongly participated in the South African Mining Exhibition

this time, Shantui brought a variety of host equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, rollers, loaders and so on to the exhibition, providing an overall construction solution. As the only large-scale Chinese equipment exhibitor participating outdoors in this exhibition, many local mainstream media have followed up and reported, and attracted a large number of customers to visit and negotiate at the mountain promotion booth. Through this exhibition, the next 10 years will be better: what changes can 3D printing bring to the plastic industry? The report of Smartech also said that it consolidated the brand influence of Shantui in the region and laid a good foundation for Shantui to better expand the market in South Africa

according to the latest August trade data released by the South African chamber of Commerce and industry, the overall trading volume and new trading volume of the South African trade industry have both increased, and the trading volume will have a stronger growth in the second half of this year. Shantui will work together with local agents to seize market opportunities and deeply cultivate the market, so as to lay a solid market foundation for the better sales of Shantui's whole series of products in the local market

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