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Quotation of Shanghai 30kW gasoline generator manufacturer

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daniazawa 30kW gasoline generator manufacturer quoted that the new generator should try to prevent sudden load increase or high-speed operation, and try to use the smooth oil recommended by the manufacturer. Do not alienate the non trademark smooth oil. The smooth oil contains various additives, and the non trademark smooth oil will degrade the smooth function after Alienation

and cause abnormal wear of moving parts. When filling oil into the fuel tank, the oil filler should have a filter Filter, put on the filter cloth better; The fuel should be left in the tank for more than 24 hours to precipitate water and impurities before being used; Normally, you should always open the secretory plug 3 of the daily oil tank The measuring principle of the tension machine is to squeeze the water and deposits at the bottom

regular inspection and planned maintenance are the key points to delay the service life of the engine. The inspection cycle and inspection items should be properly adjusted according to the use, utilization status and the properties of fuel oil and smooth oil. When required, walking inspection should be carried out, and professional technicians should do their best to complete the regular inspection and protection

first class production technology of flood control emergency gasoline generator, modern production plant, advanced production line and testing line; Modern enterprise management concept, perfect quality management system, strong technical force and product research and development ability, small generator production and quality can be guaranteed. As a century old enterprise, quality is the foundation of preservation, which is the only guiding idea for Suzuka generator manufacturers to preserve and grow. Indeed, mechanical construction is of course the most important, but its core is not him, but the assembly technology of task staff. All small gasoline generator assembly technology in dazawa comes from Japan. On the premise of high-quality accessories, adding top Japanese assembly and production technology can be said to strike while the iron is hot. Excellent performance and quality

reason for recommendation: Japanese export, danizawa brand, large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, easy to carry, affordable, the best choice of emergency equipment

Company Name: Shanghai Danian yeze Industrial Co., Ltd.

brand name: Danian yeze power

Sales Manager: Zhou ran


landline machine:


e-mail? A href= "/cdn CGI/L/email protection" data cfemail= "01e5a2bbf626e6c"> [email protected]

business style: purchase and sales treaty

remarks: including value-added tax, in other words, 17%, excluding freight, 24-hour delivery all over the world

after sales service: all gasoline generator sets of various models purchased in our office will make the following warranty commitments to all purchase customers:

1 If the production and quality results are presented within seven days after shipment and cannot be repaired, the new products can be replaced without preconditions, except for the quality results caused by customers' improper use

2. If the sales show quality results within three months, in addition to the quality results caused by the customer's use of not only

, if the customer can repair by himself, the manufacturer will stop changing the parts required by the charge, and if he cannot repair by himself, he can send them back to the manufacturer for repair

3. In the process of utilization, customers should strictly follow the provisions of the statement for accurate utilization and maintenance. Within three months, if it is the result of production and quality, all accessories and maintenance costs shall be undertaken by the manufacturer; If it is due to improper use, or more than three months, customers only need to be responsible for accessories and mailing costs. So as to relatively ensure that you have no worries

4. The company sells all machinery, charges debugging and trains its operators to use

5. The machinery sold is entitled to one year of charged maintenance and repair services from the date of sale (except normal wear and tear parts)

6. After the warranty period, durable supply of spare parts and maintenance services! And maintenance services (except normal consumables). 6. After the warranty period, durable supply of spare parts and maintenance services

30kw silent gasoline generator (danizawa power toyoti)

Product No. toto30

power identity 1

additional power 30KW

maximum power 32kw

brand: danizawa power toyoti

fuel consumption H (full load

additional voltage 220 | 380V

number of phases single phase | three phase

frequency 50Hz 60Hz

noise level dB

starting style electric starting (optional full active)

gross weight 250kg

additional speed 3000rpm

engine model: to465 (toyoti)

tightening ratio 12:01

fuel tank 40L

fuel consumption H (full load)

continuous task: 12h

engine type four stroke, four cylinder, water-cooled Single overhead camshaft in-line

insulation grade F

format mute (yellow gray)

fuel oil model above 90 gasoline

size: 1210*830*920mm

22 sets of 20 foot cabinets

46 sets of 40 foot cabinets

d - diameter of steel ball for experiment

60 sets of 60 foot cabinets

certification ce/is9000/is2000/carb/eu/etl

task ambient temperature ℃ -25 ~ 40

electronic speed regulation, digital display, mute, cabinet type

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