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400A vehicle mounted electric welding machine quotation

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400A vehicle mounted electric welding machine quotation welding and exchange electricity can be used at the same time. Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise, can meet the requirements of all position welding of steel pipes, excellent continuous welding stability, clear molten pool, fine, flat and well formed weld bead ripple. It is convenient to move, complete in function, high construction efficiency, low operation cost, timely supply of parts and components, guaranteed after-sales service. The basic operation of the hydraulic universal testing machine clamps the sample in the pliers Kouzaka is an excellent welding machine tailored for high-end users in China. Features: original danieze power, stable quality and reliable function. The arc extinguishes stably, the molten pool is quiet, and the weld formation is good. It is easy to arc and splash. Since this year, it is small, noiseless and highly effective. Magnetic induction can control fragmentary, effectively prevent the aging of electrical components, and lower the defect rate. It can input large power into single-phase and three-phase power supplies, meeting the power demand of on-site construction

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