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Panjin products reported the first price in the Pearl River Delta region

the third Pearl River Delta insisted on demand orientation, and ABS in the production and use coordination corner fell with the national situation. Although some dealers made short wave hype last week, the price fell back to its original position when the downstream refilling oil and exhaust demand were weak. Because the ex factory quotation of Panjin Petrochemical ABS is too high, it has lost its competitiveness with other ABS of the same quality. Dealers in the Pearl River Delta region simply suspended the quotation of ABS. In addition, because LLDPE 0099aa, GPPS 525 and PP F401 are still in transit, Panjin products of the above three varieties are temporarily out of stock in South China. The quotation of hips 825 is 6350 yuan, and that of HDPE 5070 is 6700 yuan. The sales situation is general. At present, the price of Fushun HDPE 2908 and 2909 of the same quality is about 6800 yuan

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